Happy Half-Year Day

Today should be celebrated as “Half-Year Day.”

I’m officially adding it to our family calendar and traditions.

It’s July 1st.  That makes it as close to half-way through the year as I care to calculate.   So today is the perfect time to re-group, re-think, and re-prioritize.

It’s a good time to check in on my resolutions for the year and make adjustments, just like way back when I was sailing out of sight of land.

In case you want to join me, here’s what I’ve been thinking through today.

Happy Half-Year Day Checklist

  1. What were my New Year’s Resolutions again?
  2. Do they still fit in my life?
  3. Are there any NEW goals that are better or more important to me?
  4. Am I anywhere close to halfway on my goals?
  5. If not, what am I prepared to do to make it happen?
  6. If not, is this goal really still important to me?
  7. What does the next six months hold?
  8. Looking at my calendar for the past six months, does it match what I believe to be important?
  9. What about my checkbook?
  10. What are the biggest accomplishments I’ve made so far this year?

That’s it.  Just ten questions.

Ten questions that I don’t, quite frankly, enjoy answering.

I found I have some adjustments to make.  How I spend my time (and money) isn’t quite lining up the way I think it should.  The goals I set for the year aren’t quite in line with my husband’s.

But hey, that’s why I didn’t write my goals down in stone or anything.  I knew better.

Mid-Course Corrections are OK.

time for a mid course correction

Way back in my single days, I embarked on an adventure.  I hopped on a 34 foot sailboat with three of my sailing buddies and sailed to Key West.

For much of the trip, land was not in sight.

The joke was that we were never more than a mile from land, but for most of the trip that meant one mile STRAIGHT DOWN.

Several times each day, we’d check our charts and adjust the direction of the boat.  We’d adjust a little to the left or a little to the right to keep on our planned route.

Partway through the trip, we discovered that the radio that was duct-taped to the “steering wheel” had messed up our compass.  We weren’t where we thought we were.

We made a major mid-course correction.

All of us cheered when we spotted the first marker for the channel that lead to the Port of Key West.  We couldn’t even see the tiny island yet, but we knew where we were. We knew we were headed in the right direction.

Because of all or our steering adjustments, we arrived exactly where we planned to be.

Every month, I check my goals and make those minor left/right adjustments.  Today, I discovered there was a radio next to my compass that was causing interference.  I have time to change course and arrive right on target.

Your turn:  How are you observing half-year day?

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  1. Ooooh, I LOVE this concept. I never thought about the half year before. You are so right…there is always time for a course correction.

    Your #8 is awesome. I think if you look at your priorities and then compare that to what you ACTUALLY spend your time doing, it can be life changing. Wow. –Lisa

  2. I like it! I might have to do it tomorrow, though. Today is already full.
    Patty recently posted..Use the Right Tools When You CleanMy Profile

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