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The Guilt Trip

So….. now that I’m back from my trip to Atlanta I can tell you all the details of my trip.  My guilt trip that is.

While I was in Atlanta, my in-laws came to visit and hang out with my husband and kids.  Since my husband isn’t exactly communicating about the details of what happened, I’m left to fill in the details.

You know how that works right?  I fill in the details with the worst possible scenario.

And I end up on…

The Guilt Trip. [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Back To School Style

My kids make me laugh, even as we’re gearing up for back to school.

We’ve got a few traditions that make the tradition easier.  One of those is taking the kids to IHOP for pancakes.

(there’s several other early morning traditions – they help get us back on schedule).

As I was planning out the next two weeks and making sure I get all those traditions covered, I was reminded of last year’s IHOP day. I don’t know what it was, but the kids were amazingly funny that day.

That’s the day my son and I had this long drawn out conversation about body parts.  See that? Right on the IHOP placemat.  Classy.

(if you don’t remember what I was drawing, you really should go look.) [Read more…]

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Just… Thoughts

I’m writing to you this morning on my iPhone.

I’m in the lobby of my hotel, waiting to ride home with a group of ladies. Probably not the best setting for blogging… But I’ll give it a try. [Read more…]

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Hey Hey from Atlanta!

Hey ladies!  I’m saying hi from Atlanta Georgia!

I’ve been hanging out with 10,000 of my closest friends at the Thirty-One Gifts convention.  As my husband observed… it’s a LOT of estrogen in one place.

I have some interesting observations about the differences between a blogging conference (where the attendees are used to working in solitary conditions and tend to be introverts) and a direct sales convention (where…. they’re used to being very social all the time).

There are a ton of similarities too.

Anyway… that many women in one place all trying to use smart phones has a pretty predictable impact on cell phone service.  I’ve felt so cut off!

I’ve also made some interesting observations about about how the skills of being amazing at direct sales and the skills it takes to promote a blog on social media have a LOT in common.

If you’re looking for my blog on social media for direct sales, it’s called BAG OF CUPCAKES.

Until then… here’s my day in photos.  More or less.

IMG_3712 IMG_3737 IMG_3748 IMG_3700 IMG_3686 IMG_3685

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Unkindness – A true story

Monday, I shared a post on Mothering From Scratch on Kindness.

It seems only right that I share a true story about unkindness too.

(actually, this is one of those painful to share posts that i didn’t want to write.  but i have to.  honest.)

I am not always kind.   As I’ve previously observed, balancing a snarky sense of humor with kindness is a difficult feat.   Sometimes, what I intend to be funny comes out hurtful.

I am not always kind.  Sometimes, I’m just too busy and self centered to remember to take the effort to gentle my words and soften my tongue.

I am not always kind.  On rare instances, I’m flat out unkind.  No, make that UNKIND.  It deserves the emphasis.

Last week, unkindness happened. [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Cartoons

My kids make me laugh, even when we’re more than halfway through the summer and I’m counting days until school starts.  Lately, it’s been their reaction to cartoons.

I confess.  I let my kids watch cartoons for a little longer than the experts might recommend.

I’ve been amazed to hear my kids repeating some of the same conversations that my brother and I had when we were little.  To be honest, it’s made me laugh. [Read more…]

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MOMtor Monday – Kindness

It’s MOMtor Monday and I’m guest posting at Mothering From Scratch on the subject of Kindness.  It’s part of their 8 week long series on the Fruits of the Spirit.

(it’s been an awesome series, i’m secretly hoping they turn it into an ebook.  hint hint.)

Go on over – be sure and leave a comment and tell me hello.

The Healing Power of Kindness



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Cleaning out the pantry

Last night, I posted a comment about my pantry on Facebook.

I’m not snacking.  I’m cleaning out the pantry.

My friends loved it.

How I Clean Out The Pantry [Read more…]

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What would you do? Drama in the Produce Aisle

After some recent drama in the produce aisle that left my kids open mouthed and shocked, I find myself looking for a little advice.

I’m asking…

What would you do?

Or rather… what would you have done?

It started innocently enough.

I was dragging my kids through the grocery store in a vain effort to stick with the whole “cook every meal, stay on budget, eat clean, loose weight” theme of the summer. [Read more…]

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