The Ouch Game

My boys have been playing “The Ouch Game” since they were both in diapers.

We did NOT teach it to them.  Apparently, it just comes with being a boy.

Not only did my husband recognize the game from his own boyhood, he could actually explain the rules to me.  As the boys have gotten older, hubby sometimes joins in the game.

The Ouch Game Rules

  1. Boy A hits Boy B lightly.
  2. Boy B hits Boy A slightly LESS lightly.
  3. Repeat steps one and two until someone says “ouch.”
  4. That person is the LOSER.

That’s it.

Nothing complicated.  No brain work involved.  Just ever escalating blows until someone says “ouch.”

the ouch game is pointless

I hate The Ouch Game

Why?  Because I know that the ouch game has some other steps.  The males in my home seem oblivious to these steps, but they happen every single stinking time.

  1. The “loser” gets mad and decides to retaliate.
  2. The “winer” gets mad at the retaliation
  3. Both boys end up rolling on the floor punching and kicking
  4. Someone gets hurt and comes crying… to me.

Yes.  They hit each other until they cry, and then they want me to fix it.

They don’t ever seem to see the relationship between starting The Ouch Game and the tears that follow.   I keep waiting for them to figure it out.

Even my husband seems unwilling to connect the dots.

(For clarification, he never comes to me in tears… )

The Ouch Game Defies Feminine Understanding

I’ve decided that I’m not even SUPPOSED to understand the silly game.  It’s some weird male right of passage.

Way back before indoor plumbing when men went off into the woods with their sons to turn young boys into men, I’m convinced that they spent a few days in the woods playing The Ouch Game with each other.  If they came back all stinky and covered in mud, it was just to cover up all the bruises from playing the silly game.

Cave men probably sat around in the dark playing The Ouch Game.

I dare you

Go ask the man of your life if he recognizes the rules to The Ouch Game.

Tell me what he says.

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  1. Nancy Evans Wahmhoff says:

    I will ask Andy…

  2. I imagine how ouch game is played but I never knew that it was called ouch game.

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