Jelly Beans and Margaritas

Remember when I told you that my son was obsessed with getting me to drink a Margarita?

(i shudder to think how this will manifest when he is dating)

The treat of the week was a gallon container of gourmet jelly beans.  The obsession continues.

Treat of the week?

Since my husband and I are on week two of a 13 week clean eating cash budget challenge, I’m trying a different approach this summer.

My kids deserve some fun, even if I can’t have any.  So I’m letting them pick ONE junk food item each week while I drag them through the grocery store.

It helps them tolerate the huge basket of green vegetables, lean meats, unprocessed grains, and healthy fats.

The first week, they picked their ceremonial box of pop tarts.  They get one box each at the start of a vacation.  If it’s a long weekend, they can split the box.   I refuse to buy toaster tarts at any other time.

The toaster tarts lasted less than a week.

The jelly beans are lasting much longer.  I think my kids learned something.

(hey, they learned something in the summer.  i must be a good mom or something)


Oh, yeah.  The story about how my kids make me laugh…

Gourmet jelly beans come with a magic decoder ring to tell you what flavor each bean is.   Initially, my son was very excited to read about the chocolate pudding beans.  He wanted me to pick them all out of the jar and make him a bowl of chocolate pudding beans.

Um… no.

That didn’t happen.

He settled for a small bowl of beans and the magic decoder ring.  He rooted around until he had all the chocolate pudding beans lined up and then decided to dive in.

Watty:  Yuck!  These don’t taste like chocolate pudding!

Me:  Are you sure you found the right color?

Even with the right beans identified, the chocolate pudding flavor was a bit disappointing.  Make that a LOT disappointing.

Watty decided to taste every flavor one by one and identify his top five favorite flavors.  He also wanted to make a list of his LEAST favorite flavors.

(i’m good with that, he was charting it all out with a paper and pencil – there’s got to be some kind of learning going on.  woo hoo… good mom points for me today)

That’s when he spotted the fact that there were MARGARITA flavored beans.

Watty:  MOMMY!  Did you see this???? They have MARGARITA flavored jelly beans!

Me: I see that….

(i was distracted.  i can’t eat candy right now.  i was not sharing my son’s enthusiasm)

Watty:  You know what I should do?  I should find all the margarita flavored ones and put them in a margarita glass for you.

Me: I don’t own a margarita glass.

Watty:  You don’t?

Me:  What do they taste like?

I was aiming for distraction. I was right in the middle of Candy Crush, I can’t drink ANYTHING alcoholic, and I can’t eat candy.  I just wanted to change the subject.

Watty:  Ew! These are nasty!

Me:  Sorry to hear.

Watty:  Mommy, is this what a REAL margarita tastes like?  Why would you drink this?  These are GROSS.

margaritas are grossYou would THINK that would be the end of his obsession.


He made his brother taste the offending jelly bean flavor.  Little brother agreed that they did, indeed, taste like something the cat would yack up.

When my husband came home, he repeated the entire conversation.

So what made me laugh?

Somewhere in the day, the kids asked me what my favorite flavor of jelly beans was.  I’m a fan of the watermelon ones.  I love that they make the insides red and then wrap them in a green candy shell.  It makes me smile.

The next day, they got their paltry jelly bean ration for the day (it’s like half a cup, nothing outrageous).

My sons put some time and energy into sorting jelly beans.  They made a pile of their favorites, a pile of the ones they haven’t tried yet, and a pile for me.

They brought me my portion.

Here mommy, we picked these out just for you!

I got three colors.

Chocolate pudding.



How could I not laugh?

rejected flavors

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  1. He is totally sure your life revolves around margaritas!! Hahahahahaha.

    I have to say “The salty one” sounds hideous.

    I love that you got the chocolate pudding beans (as well as margarita, of course). At least you like the watermelon! Hahahahaha –Lisa
    TheDoseofReality recently posted..No Pressure Or Anything But You Have A Minute To Win It!My Profile

    • “The salty one” turned out to be buttered popcorn. As I recall, it isn’t bad as long as you don’t think about the fact that you’re eating candy. Otherwise, it’s a bit confusing.

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