1. Melinda Stanton says:

    Fight back: let the boys wear bathing suits all day, every day till you catch up. Get a moo moo for yourself and do the same. With only hubby dressing for real, you'll generate a lot less!

    • Ginger Lumpkin says:

      Oh, good! I haven't lost. We mostly struggle with getting laundry to the "fold and put away" stage (aka "wrinkle release everything" stage). We only have one basket for clean laundry, and I think this forces us to keep up with laundry better.

  2. Amy Ward says:

    My laundry war has shifted with the season of empty nesting. I now have to add clean clothes to the laundry bump on the floor in order to have enough for a load. Then there's the dryer. Smaller loads require laundry balls in order to dry efficiently. Crazy!

    • Cathie Newton Morris says:

      Amy, I am so re-posting this!! I am losing the battle thus far this summer!!

    • HAHA. I completely understand. I find myself walking around the house just looking for something to add to make a full load! Is there such a thing as down sizing your washer and dryer????

    • Melinda Stanton says:

      Amy when our nest emptied we got more things so we could make a full load.. unfortunately, they often sit clean in the basket until I try to pile about the 3rd load on top and a landslide begins!!

  3. Cathie Newton Morris says:

    This really hits home with me… I am losing the battle against my laundry this summer with all the activities and hauling Candler here and there. We are living out of laundry baskets!

  4. Sadly I lost the war on laundry quite a while ago. Maybe this summer I will win a couple rounds. We now routinely look for socks in a sock basket.
    Michelle recently posted..Memories Captured: The Calm of the BeachMy Profile

  5. BWAH HA HA HA!! Dying laughing! I have totally bought new underwear before…that part made me almost spew my water on my keyboard!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..The Dose Girls Do It Old SchoolMy Profile

  6. The sad thing is how often my laundry battles don’t even make it to the basket stage. This morning I have to go down and start the washer again because I can’t remember when I washed the load of clothes in there but it wasn’t yesterday. I wish I could say that wasn’t typical for me but I can’t. Oh, and I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone on having your boys wear the dirty but “clean enough” sports socks more than once (but not more than 3x..that would be too much even for me!)

  7. Kathryn Jason Ferrie says:

    I let it go until my husband is home for an extended time (like the weekend) and then he does it himself. There's a lot of shame when my friends, who are good laundry doing wives, catch wind of this. There's usually the initial, "What? You make your husband do all the laundry?"…then, "Wait, how can I get my hubby to do all the laundry?"

  8. {Kathy} Susan, Susan, Susan…..I have literally sought out psychotherapy over laundry. It was the first thing I told my therapist about myself. I can\\\’t get a handle on life, oh I mean, the laundry of my home. It was as if it was a gigantic metaphor for how I felt about myself. If it was under control, so was I. If it wasn\\\’t, I was a complete failure as a mother, wife and person. I have determined that there are genes associated with laundry. Mine was clearly mutated.

    • You know how most people bring casseroles when a family is in crisis? I have a friend who does their laundry. She picks it up and returns it all neatly folded, sorted, ironed… Like Martha Stewart. It’s her thing. I want so much to understand her and how she ticks. Me? I’m clearly a mutant too!

  9. Amazing blog regarding laundry endless fights. I also fill like yours all. My husband extended time for home and do laundry himself.

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