My son is obsessed with margaritas

My son is obsessed with margaritas.

When we go out to eat, he always wants to know if I’m going to have a margarita.  Even if we’re eating breakfast.   I really can’t explain why because I’m more likely to order iced tea or wine than anything else.

Still, he’s obsessed.

Obsessed with margaritas.

Before school let out, he made a bad choice for breakfast (drive thru sugar) and had a rough day at school.  He ended up getting a color change. A color change is what our school uses to talk about when you’re out of warnings and on the verge of taking a trip to the office.

Watty’s reaction was to decide that he should NEVER eat sugar or anything from the drive-thru ever again.

While I welcome a break from the endless begging for drive-thru food, it’s not realistic to think my son can go the rest of his life without eating sugar, refined carbs, or anything out of a paper bag.

(if you can raise your kids differently, good for you. i just know what works for us. i’m not participating in the food wars.)

Instead of my son’s black and white thinking, I decided to talk to him about making the right choices based on the circumstances.  This would be why we refuse to feed him a donut on a Monday but don’t mind the occasional weekend donut.

It was the day I’d been flying high on that accidental energy drink. 

Me:  You understand you aren’t alone right?  I react to food the same way.

Watty: Really?

Me: Yes, I drank something this morning that would have earned me a color change.

Watty:  You had a margarita?!?

(what? no.  where did that come from.  how does my son know this about margaritas?)

Me: No. Margaritas aren’t for breakfast.

Watty:  You had a margarita for lunch?

(what is this freaking obsession with margaritas?  where is this coming from?)

Me: I did not have a margarita or any other alcohol today.

Watty: what did you drink?

Me: One of daddy’s energy drinks.  I don’t need THAT much energy.

He was clearly disappointed that I hadn’t been chugging margaritas while he was at school.  I’m not sure what his classmates say THEIR moms do during the school day, but I’m pretty certain that NONE of us are in the habit of drinking margaritas before car line.

my son begs me to drink a margarita

I’m not certain what the deal is with the margaritas. It’s not like they’re my drink of choice.  Honest.  Instead of the lesson I wanted to teach my son (about food choices and moderation) I ended up having to have a long chat with him about alcohol.

Sigh.  Parenting is never easy.

Any advice?


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  1. Did you tell him that it was 5 o’clock somewhere? 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist! I would love to take a survey and see what these kids think we do while they are at school…and hey, if there is a secret Margarita club out there, I want in because I’ve been missing out by simply spending that time cleaning house and doing other boring chores.
    Jean recently posted..Book Review: Chores Without WarsMy Profile

  2. Hahahahahahahaha. He thinks you have margaritas morning, noon, and night. That is so funny!
    TheDoseofReality recently posted..The Revival Of The Yes DayMy Profile

  3. Rolando Medina says:

    haha Perhaps your son just met a friend's mom who just drank a margarita or two and he consider the lady changed her mood for the better or started to tell jokes, who knows… now he wants you to get in the mood… ¿?¿?

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