Confession: My first green smoothie was a disaster

My very first green smoothie was a disaster.

This wasn’t just a little bit bad, it was epic bad.  The kind that gets brought up by other family members for YEARS to come.

It was way before Pinterest and there wasn’t much information about what went into green smoothies.   There can be no other explanation for why I threw this particular set of ingredients into the blender with a vague expectation that my kids would like it.

I was aiming for a screaming neon green that I could turn into frozen treats for my kids.

Logically, if I turned vegetables into a fun frozen shape then my kids will be fooled, right?


First, the color was more of a light green.  If I was generous, I’d call it a soft avocado green. If I was honest, it looked like something I sucked out of my toddler’s nose.

Second, there was the flavor.  I put plain unsweetened yogurt, banana, spinach, cooked broccoli, and baby green peas into the blender.

I have no way to explain what happened next.

In a vague effort to make it look like mint chocolate chip ice cream, I threw a handful of chocolate chips in the blender with the smoothie.

No, I didn’t add anything mint flavored.  Nope, didn’t try to add sweetener.  No, I didn’t blend until smooth.  That sucker was chunky.  But hey, the texture of the chocolate chips should cover that up, right?

I don’t know what I was thinking.

This is NOT a recipe for a good green smoothie!

I managed to hide my reaction from the kids (it made me want to spit and brush my teeth) and served them a sample.

GoGo took one sip and said “yeach!  it’s disgusting!” He then ran out of the room covering his mouth and proceeded to make fake wretching sounds as he giggled.

Watty tried to fish out the chocolate chips. He wanted to know if he could rinse off the green slimy part and just eat the chocolate.

Since then, I’ve mastered the art of green smoothies.  I’ve made a few other nasty ones, but for the most part I can make something I’m willing to drink.

My kids… not so much.

They haven’t willingly consumed a smoothie from my kitchen since the great green smoothie gross-out.  That thing was NASTY.

smoothie confession it was nasty

Your turn!

Do you make smoothies? What’s your take on the whole green smoothie thing?  Ever tried one with tomato and celery?  Do have a smoothie disaster you’d care to confess?

Or do you have a great smoothie recipe I need to add to my smoothie pinboard?  Leave me a link or recipe please.


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  1. I cannot stop laughing. Mostly because I have just started Weight Watchers and I’d really like to have a good go-to smoothie…but I haven’t even tried it because I’m afraid that it will turn out JUST. LIKE. THIS.

    But…since you’ve mastered the DELICIOUS green smoothie now, I’d love to have your best one. I need to get on the smoothie train, but I’m scared…really, really, just like your first one that was nasty tasting scared! –Lisa
    TheDoseofReality recently posted..Would You Rather: Watch Seinfeld Or Friends?My Profile

    • I am so glad I could amuse you.

      Best ever green smoothie recipe: 1 cup vanilla ice cream, 1/4 cup light rum, 2 cups tropical fruit, 1 cup spinach. Combine first three ingredients in the blender. Blend until smooth. Place in green glass. Put the spinach back in the fridge and laugh. 🙂

      Honestly, if you make one that’s nasty just throw it out and try again. Make SMALL batches – like half a serving. When I get back from vacation I’ll look up what book gave me the best recipes and share. But this week, I’m on vacay — there are no green smoothies on vacation.

  2. I don\\\’t think that anyone has done more blunders than me in my first yoghurt ice cream. I cannot forget the day when i was so excited to surprise my kids but what the blunder. I forget to add sugar and gluten in it.

  3. It literally took me forever to get a good smoothie made that I actually liked. I have a few recipes on my website that I thin you might like. The best blender for smoothies

  4. HAHA I love this article. The exact thing happened to me when I tried to make my first green smoothie. Thank god there’s plenty of recipes online to guide us to the right track!
    Angelina recently posted..Banana Peanut Butter SmoothieMy Profile

  5. I will surely visit again and again, very nice article, thanks Susan.

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