My Kids Make Me Laugh – Flashback Style

My kids make me laugh on a daily basis. They’ve been doing so for longer than I’ve been blogging.

Allow me to flashback to early in the year 2007 when my kids were both in diapers. Watty was in MDO and GoGo was just learning to talk clearly.  I was one tired momma.

(Insert your own special effects here.  It’s a low budget blog.)

my kids make me laugh flashback

My Kids Make Me Laugh

Even when they were two

GoGo woke up from his nap late and groggy today. I gritted my teeth, because I knew the next 20 minutes would be filled with tears and whining. He wakes up hungry, but was too sleepy to want to eat. It’s a battle.

him: nakmamma… nak!

me:  gogo, what do you want?

(To translate:  he is asking for a snack)

him:  NAK!!!!

me:  banana? yogurt? cheese? apple? crackers?  preztels?  juice? … cookies?

him: shakes head silently at each suggestion

(Sigh.  Even at that age he was clearly strong willed.)

me:  what kind of snack do you want gogo?

him:  onnaTAYbul… wannaTAYbulnak!  mommaNAK!!! TAYbulNAKmomma!!!!

(To translate:  On the table.  I want a table snack!  Momma, I want a snack!!! I want a table snack momma!!!!)

(I have no idea where the phrase table snack came from.)

me:  (fully exasperated by now)  gogo, do you want me to pick a snack for you, put it on the table, and then let you spit out the first bite because it isn’t what you wanted?

him:  (grinning) YES!!!!!

(It never ceases to amaze me how laughter can turn a moment.)

me:  (laughing)  should i just put it on the floor so you don’t have to throw it off the table?

him: (lauging)  YES!!!!

me:  how about we pick a snack together?

laughter makes things better

I picked him up and carried him to the pantry.  He picked the potato chips (pringles in the individual container).  No surprise, he loves salty carbs.  But at least he stopped crying and being irrational.

(ok, he’s a toddler… he’s never totally rational, but at least he stopped being so incredibly demandingly irrational). 


(Insert special effect again, we’re flashing forward to the present day)


See?  Laughter makes things better.  I’m so thankful that my kids make me laugh because honestly, if they didn’t, this whole motherhood thing would be a LOT harder.

GoGo still likes Pringles.  Some things never change.

How have your kids made YOU laugh today?

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  1. Nothing yet — it’s early still! But the dog chasing his tail last night made all of us laugh!
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