Thankful Thoughts – Vacations

Since I’m on vacation with my family right now, I thought I’d share some thankful thoughts about vacations.

I love to travel.

Part of it is knowing that every hotel room comes with a maid who will clean the room, make the beds, and deal with the sodden mess of wet towels on the floor.  As a mom, I have to say that this rocks.

Part of it getting to explore new parts of the world, eating new foods, seeing amazing sights.

But the biggest part is just… the vacationy part.

I’m looking forward to being unplugged for a few days.  I’m sure I’ll be clutching at my phone trying to find a signal, it’s hard to let go of my cyber world.  But I know I need the unplugged time.  I think I can live without playing Candy Crush for a few days.  Twitter and Facebook won’t come crashing down without me.  It’s a good thing, even though it will hurt.

(besides, it’s hard for me to tell the kids to get away from the tv when i’ve been staring at the laptop all day.)

vacationI’m looking forward to the drive time.  I love watching the countryside unroll before my eyes.  But I also love holding my husband’s hand as we drive.  Some of our best conversations have happened as we drove.

I’m looking forward to conversations.

We’re a busy family.  Our house is noisy and full of activity.  My husband and I tend to survive the day by speaking in short tweets or Facebook status messages.

We need actual face to face conversations.

I’m looking forward to memories.

I want to see the world through my boys’ eyes and experience the wonder of seeing the mountains.  I want to be there together as a family as we do crazy stuff we’d never do at home.  I want to see the joy on my sons’ faces at the close of a day well seized.

I’m thankful we have a chance to go on vacation this year.

I’m looking forward to it.

 What are you thankful for today?

i love to travel

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  1. Is there anything better than coming back to your room and having it perfectly clean after a full day? I don’t think so. Hope y’all are having a FABULOUS time! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..It Would Be A “Major Crime” To Miss This ShowMy Profile

  2. I love the unplugged time too, although I will admit I do usually bring my computer. It is really hard for me to be completely unplugged. Bad, I know! But it is so nice to be away from the day to day stuff and I find it so much easier to relax when we are away vs on staycation!
    Michelle recently posted..Not So Proud (but kind of funny) Parenting MomentsMy Profile

  3. Donald Quixote says:

    You mentioned memories as a part of travel you enjoy. For me having someone with me to be part of the memory and share it with me makes all the difference. I have my wife for that 🙂

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