Vacation Planning – 5 things you never think of

The weird stuff that ends up on my to do list when I’m vacation planning is enough to make me want to just go with a staycation instead.

Some of it is my fault, a few I can trace back to my mother, and the rest… those are all from my husband.  But the end result is that I end up with a to-do list that is crammed full of last minute stuff that quite frankly, drives me crazy.

Here’s my top ten list of crazy stuff on my to-do list this week.  Our flight is Saturday and I’m not sure I can get it all done.  I never do. Somehow, we always manage to survive.

5 things you never think of when vacation planning

1.  Stink prevention.  I feel the need to toss a lemon in the garbage disposal.  I run my washer on the cleaning cycle with bleach.  I put a half cup of vinegar in the toilets before we leave.  I’ve even been known to wash all the trash cans.  I’ll do just about anything I can think of to make sure the house smells good when we walk back in.

2.  Clean out the fridge and stock the freezer.  I blame my mom.  It’s a double edged compulsion.  I don’t feel comfortable leaving eggs in my fridge if I’m gone for a week…. even if the eggs won’t expire.  You can imagine the crazy last minute refrigerator purge.  In contrast, I hate leaving my freezer empty.  In the event of an extended power failure, a full freezer lasts longer than an empty one.

It’s summer, I live on the gulf coast, and hurricane season is upon us.  Keeping a full freezer becomes kind of important this time of year.  I generally fill my extra space with gallon bottles of water.  It works, but it drives my husband nuts.

planning for vacation
3.  Change the oil.
 This is my husband’s thing.  I don’t get it.  I would understand if we were going on a road trip, but we aren’t.  We’re flying.  But changing the oil and checking the tires is part of his pre-vacation check list.   I also have been asked to buy new windshield washer blades and refill the washer fluid.

4.  Back up the blog.  We’re self hosted.  My husband swaps server maintenance with someone to pay for my hosting space.  He’s good at it and we never have problems.  But when we know we’ll be away from wifi for even a few hours we get… twitchy.  In the midst of everything else I’m backing up my blog and all my data.  What? Normal people don’t carry a terabyte drive with their blog backups on them at all times?

5.  Update my address book.  I know almost every address I have is on my phone.  But when I go on vacation, I want those things in writing.  What if I need to send a postcard?  What if my phone gets wet and I’m in the hospital (from the car crashing into the lake where my phone got wet) and I can’t remember anyone’s phone numbers?  (Like a piece of paper would be any good after they fished it up from the bottom of the lake, I know.)

(I know I said five, but here’s a bonus item.)

6.  Re-caulk the windows.  I don’t know if it will be re-cauking the windows or changing the air filters or flushing the hot water heater.  Regardless, my husband always finds some essential home maintenance task that he feels compelled to do before we leave for a trip.  I’d make fun of him, but I’m too busy washing trashcans and putting lemons in the food disposer thing.

What’s the craziest thing on YOUR to-do list before you head out of town?

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  1. Oh Susan, you would not want to go on vacation with me! I am so unorganized compared to you! I’m just happy if I remember to bring sunscreen.
    Michelle recently posted..Staples to the Rescue! HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One Printer ReviewMy Profile

    • Michelle, I never remember the sunscreen. I just buy it when I get somewhere. I’ve been known to forget important stuff like socks and underwear too. I’ve learned that I can almost always buy whatever it is we forgot.
      I just hate coming home to a dirty house. The biggest gift I give myself is freshly made beds when we come home.

  2. I love #3 is on the list even if you are flying! Hahahahahaha!I absolutely love that you think of disaster scenarios when taking your planning into consideration. What if you ARE in the hospital and your phone falls in the toilet. You will be happy you have your list of addresses then!! 🙂 –Lisa

  3. Sarah Mueller says:

    Crazy! That must take a lot of time! Last time we took a trip, I forgot all the food I had prepared. Luckily we were just down the street. I really should have made a last minute list.

  4. Vicki Olejarczyk says:

    make sure the toilet is empty haha.

  5. Really nice post. You are absolutely right in mentioning these facts as these are actually some of the things I forget to take care of before embarking on a vacation. I have in the past forgotten to clean up my fridge and come back to a horrible stench and rotten food in my freezer.

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