My kids make me laugh: Cats and Dogs

My kids make me laugh all the time.  The other day, we were driving home from school and got to talking about cats and dogs.  I can’t believe where the conversation took us.

It started simply enough.  I asked them one of those classic cartoon questions.

Me:  When you watch Tom and Jerry do you root for the cat or the mouse?

Boys:  The Cat!

Me:  Do you ever root for the dog?

Boys: No… wait… what dog?

Me: Spike. The bull dog.

That was pretty much the end of my participation in the conversation.  The boys took it from there.

GoGo:  Watty, what are there so many cartoons about cats and not dogs?

Watty: What?

put a little cat in your life(i’d love to know where this is going.)

GoGo:  You know – there’s Garfield and Felix and Tom and Sylvester and Top Cat.  But I can’t name any dogs.

Watty:  Oh, that’s simple.  People are around dogs all the time. Why not put a little cat in their lives.

(what?  did he really just say that?  can i get that on a t-shirt?  can i tweet it?)

GoGo:  No, I don’t think that’s it.

Watty:  Well… Dogs aren’t funny.

GoGo: Cats aren’t funny.  Dogs ARE funny.

Watty:  Cats are smaller.  The people who draw cartoons are lazy.  Cats are easier and faster to draw.

GoGo:  Really?

(i love that gogo is finally pushing back! yes!)

Watty:  No, it’s because cats are so much more important.  Without cats the pilgrims would have died and America wouldn’t exist.

GoGo: What!?!

(yeah, what gogo said.  what is this child saying now?)

Watty:  You know… on the Mayflower… the cats ate all the mice so that the pilgrims would have food.  Without cats, the pilgrims would have all starved to death.

GoGo:  Oh yeah…

Watty:  So cats are more patriotic than dogs.

(that’s it.  that’s the t-shirt.)


My kids make me laugh.

I’m helpless to stop it.  Even if I wanted to.

But I have to ask… how have your kids made YOU laugh today?

Tom or Jerry?  Tweety or Sylvester?  Cat or Dog?  Road Runner or the Coyote?

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  1. HA HA HA! Love their use of logic! :)-The Dose Girls
    thedoseofreality recently posted..“Arie” Watching This Season Of The Bachelorette?My Profile

  2. LOL!!!! I think what I love most about what kids say is that they are not afraid to say it. Love the reasoning of people need a little cat in their lives. I always rooted for Jerry.
    Debra recently posted..Bare Yoga Anybody?My Profile

  3. Now that\\\’s funny. Remind me of my kids. Similar to you I really enjoy my self listening to their conversations. It\\\’s so nice to have

  4. LOL, love it. The best thing about kids being funny, is that for the most part, they have no idea that what they are saying is funny. I’m often left in awe by the little munchkins in my life.

  5. LOL – love your kids comments. Children are so pure and speak from the heart. Thanks for making me smile this morning. You should make the T-shirts! You could even sell them through Etsy or other online stores. I make and sell dog clothes at Whirly Dog Supplies, where I sell dog clothes that I make, and I would even be happy to buy some from you and list them in my gifts department.

  6. Kids can be so funny. Many times they are so honest when they speak. I like it when they have no filter they just speak their mind. We as adult have problems speaking the truth sometime. You made me smile today after having a bad start of my day. I also rooted for Jerry. Get the shirt that says “get a cat in your life”, I would like to get one for my son too.

  7. Children and pets always make us laugh and without them house is not house 🙂

  8. hehehe. This make me laugh. I love kids, however, I\’m still wondering why are some kids nowadays so disobedient and disrespectful?

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