Memorial Day – I was a good mom that day

Way back when I was trying to raise two toddlers and run a food blog, I managed to capture a favorite Memorial Day weekend memory on film.

I was working to get my kids fed, plate food for a festive Memorial Day themed post, and keep my kids from destroying the house.  While I was in the house getting all fancy with dinner (this was the preschool plate, the adult food was fancier) ...

patriotic fruit salad

…I looked up to see this…

they will find the sprinklers

…Watty and GoGo were both yelling “take a picture of me momeeeeeee!”

So, I did.

At the time, I was particularly proud of the red white and blue fruit salad for Memorial Day.   I felt like super mom because I’d actually managed to put them in their flag t-shirts for the day.

Looking back, I’m not impressed with the t-shirts.  I’m not impressed with the fancy food photos.  My kids didn’t even notice that their fruit plate of the day was red white and blue.

Instead, I’m thankful I stopped to take photos of my kids.  I’m thankful I put the camera down and ran around in the sprinklers with my kids.  I’m thankful that there was no yelling about my kids being dripping wet just before dinner.  I’m thankful I remember their squeals of delight as we raced in the water.  I’m thankful I remember the smile on my husband’s face when he saw us.

I look back at those photos and think “I was a good mom right then” and that feels good.

i was a good mom that day

Happy Memorial Day mommas.

If I could wish one thing for you this weekend, it would be this:

Put down the camera.  Walk away from Pinterest.  Create a “I was a good mom right then” moment that you will remember forever.

Four years from now, I wish for you to look back on this weekend and smile.  I wish for you to be thankful.  I wish for the memories to be about more than flag t-shirts and patriotic fruit salad.


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  1. Michelle Kantor Nahom says:

    Love this! There are some great moments in life that will never be caught on camera — and they'll be remembered forever!

    • Some of my best memories are the ones with the worst photos! I wince at the photos of me with my hair all crazy and my makeup melted off my face – but those are the ones where I seized the day. When I’ve lived my life to the very fullest, I’m not very photogenic. But I don’t care. (sigh. I just wish I’d figured that out in my teens instead of waiting until I was over 40.)

  2. Time spent with your children is always fulfilling. I look back with fond memories on all the pictures we have taken of our kids. Sometimes I just have to drop whatever I’m doing and go play with them.

  3. Hi Susan! Many thanks for this. Good post. I’m a new reader to this blog so I thought I’d just add a quick thankyou. As a parent, you should always be striving to spend as much time with your children as possible. It’s really worth it.
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