My Kids Make Me Laugh about Man Shorts

My kids make me laugh continually.  This weekend, GoGo was cracking me up with his response to my husband’s man shorts.

Out of respect for my husband, there will be no photos.

my kids make me laugh man shorts

Be thankful for that.

I’m not sure what else to call them besides man shorts.  Maybe…






Man shorts is easier to type. I’ll stick with that.

We’ve been married long enough that my husband no longer wears the things outside of the house (at least when I’m with him).  They’re nasty.

Whenever he gets serious about the honey do list, he whips out the nastiest pair of man shorts he owns (I swear he hides them from me, I’m not sure when they were last washed).  He completes the look by wearing an old ripped t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

(apparently, not having sleeves makes him faster)

Since it was Sunday, he was still wearing his dark dress socks from church… with tennis shoes.

I know I shouldn’t make fun.  It’s his version of wearing yoga pants and putting his hair in a pony.  I wasn’t dressed much better. But you need a good mental image.

(remember, i said there would be no photo)

GoGo stood there silently staring at my husband with a look of  horror on his face.

GoGo:  Daddy, are you going to wear THAT?

Hubby:  Yes, I’ve got work to do.

My husband walks out of the room and leaves GoGo looking shocked.

GoGo:  Mommy, I don’t like what daddy is wearing.

(neither do i kiddo, but i’m going to keep my mouth shut.  we JUST had a sermon on the submission thing and i am NOT going there yet.)

GoGo:  You can see his MAN HAIR.

(wait… rewind…)

Me:  What do you mean by man hair?

G0Go:  You know… the hair on his LEGS.

(oh thank goodness! my mind had gone somewhere else entirely.)

GoGo:  It looks like he is wearing UNDERWEAR.

Me:  Well, it does look a little like that, but those are shorts.

GoGo:  If he walks out of the house like that, people will look at him and think THAT MAN HAS ON UNDERWEAR!

Me: They aren’t underwear.

GoGo: Do the police know about this? If the cops see him they’ll arrest him for wearing underwear in public!

(the only police that will care are the fashion police, but I am NOT telling my son that.)

Me:  They’re shorts.  Why don’t you go find your daddy and tell him how you feel.

GoGo wandered off to give his dad an earful of fashion advice.  I felt a little guilty about it, but I was folding laundry and trying not to bust out laughing at my son.

GoGo:  Daddy, I don’t like your shorts.

Hubby:  Why?

GoGo: They look like UNDERWEAR.  You are wearing UNDERWEAR.


GoGo:  Oh. Nevermind.

Apparently, my husband showed the child that he was wearing underwear under the shorts.  There may have been a technical conversation about how the garments were constructed (if so, I’m not including it because I really don’t want the Google traffic for those terms).

With that, GoGo was entirely satisfied.  I thought he was done obsessing over the man shorts.   I was wrong.

GoGo:  Mommy, I want some shorts like Daddy has.

My kids make me laugh…

… even about man shorts.

How have your kids made you laugh today?

man shorts defined

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  1. Wow! You’re husband is good! He won over your son and converted him to the dark side. So when are you getting GoGo some man shorts?
    Patty recently posted..Uh, Oh! I Forgot To Defrost the Meat for Dinner!My Profile

    • hmmm…. maybe never????
      I did actually read this post to my husband before posting it. He suggested I get the kids some man shorts to wear this summer. Since it would be an improvement over their default summer attire, I can live with that.

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