I would have looked better in Invisalign

I was going through a box of photos from my childhood with my kids the other day. It was my “braces period” so the photos weren’t my favorite. I would have looked better with Invisalign than my giant metal mouth, and my kids were happy to tell me all about it.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a mini-bloggy bootcamp courtesy of the SITS girls and Invisalign. When I got the opportunity to write a sponsored post for Invisalign, I was only to happy to do so. Even though this is a sponsored post, the opinions are all mine.

If you aren’t familiar with Invisalign, Invisalign is a series of nearly invisible, removable “aligners” that are used to gradually straighten teeth without metal or wires.

Invisalign Teen Logo

I got braces in sixth grade. I had the huge overbite AND the weird teeth that were higher than the rest AND the spiky ones that looked like fangs. My smile was messed up.

I’m going to go ahead and blame braces for all the evil in my awkward teenage years. There is no other possible explanation for the funky hair and full length chiffon dress. (It couldn’t possibly have had something to do with the fact that it was the 80’s.)

braces made me wear ugly dresses

If you look really close, you might see some blue frosted eye shadow. I’m certain I smelled like Love’s Baby Soft.

My husband and I both wore braces. We wear glasses. One of our kids seems like he won the genetic lottery. The other one is already wearing glasses and obviously will be in need of orthodontic services soon. He already has the funky dracula smile.

As a mom, I was already dreading the whole orthodontic thing because I had horrible memories.

Braces hurt. Braces made me unwilling to smile. Braces made the whole teenage dating thing a even more awkward. It was just… bad. Really really bad.

(raise your hand if you remember how your lips felt after a really long good night kiss on the front porch.  mine always felt like i’d been rubbing my face against the cheese grater.)

Since it wouldn’t be fair to show you a “before” shot of how nerdy I looked with braces without showing an “after” shot, I dug around and found another wedding family photo for comparison.

without braces i was beautiful

Not even a hint of Love’s Baby Soft in that photo.

If I could do something that would let my kids skip past the whole awkward phase off sparkly blue eye shadow, bad perfume, and awkward cheese grater kisses, I would.

I may not be able to protect my boys from all the weird and awkward parts of their teen years (I’m quite certain they’ll wear too much Axe on a first date), but I can at least protect them from the cheese grater thing.

Orthodontic technology has changes a LOT since the eighties!

Invisalign is better.

invisalign gets resultsWhen compared to metal (or even ceramic wire & bracket) braces, the clearaligner option has many benefits. Although the cost is roughly about the same as traditional braces, the system usually requires fewer office visits, shorter appointments and no “emergency” visits for broken wires or brackets. Metal wires and brackets can cause irritation or even accident-related injuries,especially for teens involved in sports.

Braces are a rite of passage for many kids, and thanks to 21st century technology such as Invisalign Teen, patients can watch their winning smile evolve instead of waiting to see the final result when the traditional metal brackets come off. Invisalign patients can start to see improvements and progress in as little as 90 days.

The more I look into it, the more comfortable I am with the entering the “braces phase” with my sons.

I love that Invisalign simplifies the experience, speeds it up, and costs about the same as traditional braces.

Do you have an Invisalign story to tell? 

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  1. Is it wrong that I totally want to get this now? As an adult? Because I need it. Seriously.-Ashley

    • I hope not! I keep checking to see if my teeth need adjusting just so I can get some myself. I want to geek out on all the technology in the office.

  2. I had braces too and it was horrible. My kids are very lucky and only one of the three needs braces (I think I am lucky too…braces are not inexpensive!). However my youngest does need them and I am really hoping he is a candidate for Invisalign. I’ll be bringing him in this summer to be evaluated…wish me luck!
    Michelle recently posted..The “REEL” Truth About Transferring Home Movies To DVDMy Profile

  3. {Melinda} You are a brave woman. I have hid any photograph evidence of my braces/blue eye shadow days! 🙂 You were a whole lot cuter than I was, though! Yes, if they only had Invisalign when we were teens, perhaps I would have had a shred of self-esteem left! 🙂

  4. Susan, great blog post with a story that many of us adults can relate too! Times and technology have changed and the Invisalign product is one of those amazing inventions that make both dentists and patients very happy!

  5. Yeah this is why I went with invisalign – for the slightly higher cost, you can feel more confident every day and not feel like the world is staring at you because you’re in braces.

  6. I had braces when I was in sixth grade, but my dentist did them instead of an orthodontist, so as time passed my teeth started down the ugly and crooked path again, so starting college is fun because of having braces again at 21…
    Donald Quixote recently posted..Tips for Brushing your Teeth CorrectlyMy Profile

  7. I would say having metal braces is a bit bad because it hurts in the gums sometimes. I’d love to see people with Invisalign braces because it is clean look and not awkward looking.

  8. Donald Quixote says:

    When I as a little kid I thought that the metal braces looked cool and really wanted them but when I got older and actually had to get them I was singing another tune. People with Invisalign are lucky, metal braces are not fun.

  9. wow. That’s great to know that Invisalign can be no harm to children. Especially whne children in to sport. I want to try that. Great result!

  10. Very nice blog with new info. Thanks for sharing.

  11. When compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign is the safer choice for obtaining perfect teeth and smile in a short time. Also, these braces are invisible, so it is difficult for anyone to find you during or after the Invisalign treatment process.

  12. Wow, I used to have braces as well and they were bad. Thanks for the article Susan!

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