My Kids Make Me Laugh about Twins

My kids make me laugh almost daily, even when I’m not expecting it.  Like the other day when they saw twins.

As an adult, twins aren’t that big of deal to me.  I graduated from high school with two sisters who happened to be idential twins, and that kind of made twins seem normal to me.

I’d forgotten that twins fascinated me as a kid.

As a kid, I thought twins were cool.

I wanted a twin so bad.  Obviously, I could then go crazy and break all the rules and blame everything on my evil twin… all the time claiming to be a good girl.

I’d forgotten all about it until my kids saw some twins the other day.

This particular set of twins happened to be two beautiful young ladies.  On their own, they would have been head-turning.  Together, they were having an impact on every male in the area.

remember when twins were coolMy youngest son was sweet and cute.  You could tell he was trying to figure out how two identical girls could even exist.

GoGo:  It’s like they duplicated themselves.

Watty voiced slightly different sentiments.  He’s in third grade, so I can still pretend this was a sweet thing to say.  (Don’t disillusion me, please!)

Watty:  Is it legal to have two wives?

Now that I think about it, Watty and I did have that whole conversation about spiders and fertilization.  I can fill in the blanks.

But still, the way he said it was really cute.

its like they duplicated themselves

My Kids Make Me Laugh

Even when they are clearly not as sweet and innocent as I keep pretending they are.

I thought about asking my kids how they thought twins happened, but then I decided I really didn’t want to hear their answers.  Sometimes, it really is better to not know.

How have your kids made you laugh today?

are those twins?

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  1. I would have been laughing too. The things kids come up with are very cute. And sometimes not so cute, as was my experience today. Oh well they all have their moments!

  2. I think you were wise not to ask that question. Ignorance is bliss. At least for today.
    Patty recently posted..Hot Spots: Solving the Problem Once & For AllMy Profile

  3. Is it legal to have two wives!! Hahahahaha. That is so cute! I always wanted to be a twin, too. It\’s probably for the best that I wasn\’t. I was a handful.

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