we’ve taken over mommies blog today

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Watty and GoGo and we’ve taken over mommies blog today.

its our mothersday prezunt to her.

We wanted to give her the day off because she works really hard at her blogging job.  We cant figure out how she makes money playing that candy game, but she says its market research.

Mommy gave us five questions to answer on her blog.

we gave mommy the day off for mothers day1.  Whats her favorite color

  1. whats her favor thing to eat

  2.  whats her favorite thing to drink

  3. what does she do all day when were at school5

what is her faboerit song

From Watty

Moms favorite color is green. Its kind of a cross between blue and green.  Mommy calls it a word  I can’t spell that starts with a T.  Dad calls it green.

Her favorite thing to eat is salad.  She orders it every time we go out to eat.  Unless is breakfast. Then she orders eggs.

Her favorite thing to drink is diet coke.  Or maybe unsweet ice tea. She can’t decide.

Whne I’m at school she does errands.  For instant laundry, groceries.  She does all sorts of stuff.

Her favorite song?  Thats hard.  Jesus is the rock? Im just gessing.

happy mothers day mommy

From GoGo




unsweetened tea

does the laundry and tweets

she sings holy holy God almight the praise i am

Happy mothers day mommy!

i love you mommy

From Susan

Saturday morning, I sent my husband and kids off to visit his mom for the weekend.  The visit needed to happen, and it gave me the weekend off.

After they left, I realized I had wanted to interview the kids for today’s blog entry.  I emailed hubby the questions and this literally a copy past of what I got back.

But for the record.

My favorite colors are hot pink, turquoise, Tiffany blue, and robins egg blue.

I love to drink unsweetened iced tea.  Diet coke is an occasional guilty pleasure.  I drink lots of water.  And wine.  I’m thankful that they didn’t bring up the wine.

My favorite food to eat is NOT hot dogs.  I have no idea where that came from.  The only time they are served in my house is when I’m not home.  While I do love a good salad, I would have put cheese enchiladas and dark chocolate at the top of my list.

Sadly, my kids have a pretty accurate picture of what I do all day.  Laundry and tweeting is a bit simplified, but it’s the essence of my life.  I clean house, run a few errands, cram in a bit of exercise, and spend time on my blog or on various forms of social media.  I’m just surprised that email didn’t make their list.

As far as songs go, that wasn’t really a fair question from me.  I wanted to throw them a curve ball and see what they did with it.  I’d say they did pretty good.

Happy Mother’s Day.  May today be all that you need it to be.

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  1. Love it! Great idea for a Mother’s Day post. And enjoy the weekend!!!
    Patty recently posted..10 Things I Love About My MomMy Profile

  2. Sarah Mueller says:

    This is really cute. What a great idea to have them answer questions like this.

    • I always love getting their perspective on who I am. It’s such a reality check in a cute and lovable kind of way. Normally, they kids complete some kind of questionnaire like this at school, but this year they didn’t. So I had to make one up myself.

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