Thankful Thoughts – I love to nap

Today’s thankful thoughts are all about napping.  I love to nap.  Napping rocks.  Mmmm….nap….

mmmm.  huh?  what?

Oh yeah. Napping.

Now that I’ve finished my Sunday afternoon nap, it occurs to me just how thankful I am when I get a quality naps.

Night time sleep is fine.

naps are goodWhen I go to sleep at night it’s generally because either

(a) I’ve run out of energy and can’t stay awake any longer

(b) I’ve run out of things to do  –or—

(c) I’m being a responsible adult and going to bed on time.

None of those scenarios is exciting or worth writing in my diary.  It’s just… sleep.  It’s what is supposed to happen at night.

(OK, in scenario a, maybe all the stuff that happened BEFORE falling asleep belongs in my diary. but not the sleeping part.)

The only time that night time sleep was exciting was when I had little babies that weren’t sleeping at night.  Since that period in my life is just a blur of exhaustion, I can’t really tell you how I felt about sleep.

Well, I do remember having sleep envy towards all the people who slept more than three hours straight.

Day time sleep rocks.

Climbing back into bed in the middle of the day is a totally self indulgent act.  There is no pretense of trying to clean house or read a book or do something productive.

It’s just me. Me making a deliberate choice to take care of myself.

Pushing away all the crazy busy stuff and the long to do list isn’t easy.  There is always something that needs doing. Always.  Even when everything has just been done, it needs doing again.  And again.

And again.

thankful thoughts on naps

When I nap, I push all that away.  I just walk away from the again and again and again.  And it feels good.

It feels really good to just let go of my long list and just relax.  Even if it’s just for a tiny sliver of time.

I’m thankful for naps.

no day is so bad it cant be fixed with a napWhen I’ve had a really cruddy start to my day, a nap can be a fresh start.

When I’m down to my last nerve, a nap helps me grow more nerves.

When I can’t stand one more thing, a nap gives me the endurance to stand something else.

When my mouth is about to get me in trouble, a nap silences me.

When I’m about to be at my worst, a nap can help me start back at my best.

I love to nap.

It just feels good.

For years, I felt guilty for taking naps.  I felt like I didn’t “deserve” them unless every bit of housework you can think of was already done. Predictably, I never got all that stuff done.  I was too tired and worn out.

Now, I nap.  I’ve learned that I can actually get MORE done on days I include a short nap.  Not always.  But at least enough of the time for me to know that naps work for me.

Naps are good.

What about you? Do you nap? Do you feel guilty for it? 

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  1. I don’t ever nap unless I’m sick. I’m not opposed to napping, I just can’t do it. I can barely make myself go to bed. Every time I lay down at night, I think, “Oh, my gosh! All the stuff I could be doing!” So I’m sure not napping during the day.

    My daughter-in-law is a napper. When I say I’m tired, she asks if I’m going to take a nap. Nope. Naps are boring. She’s like you. She thinks daytime naps are AWESOME!

    • There have been times in my life that I didn’t like to nap. I think I was sleeping in instead of napping. Since I can’t sleep in, naps will just have to do.

      That being said, I DO have a hard time making myself go to bed at night. There’s always so much to get done and I don’t want to miss anything.
      Susan Baker recently posted..Mothering Mischief – Summer errand slow downMy Profile

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