Yet More Zombie Nonsense

As I’ve mentioned before, my kids are confused about zombies.

Once again, as we’re driving down the road, my kids are chatting in the backseat. I know better than to interfere, because they’ll tell me that I’m interrupting a private conversation.

duh mom... zombies.  #offended.Besides, I don’t really want to hear my seven year old say DUH to me (again).

Zombie Nonsense and Confusion

Watty: …and then there was this zombie…
GoGo: Was he wrapped up in toilet paper, was the paper falling off?

(wait.  what… i wasn’t listening.  can you PVR that?  rewind! what?)

Watty: No silly, that would be a mummy, not a zombie.
GoGo: What’s the difference?

(note to Scottf13 who commented on an earlier zombie post.  I went with NOT capitalizing either zombie OR mummy.  based on your logic, as long as i’m consistent it’s ok.)

Watty: A mummy used to be a king or something. Only now he’s a mummy.
GoGo: but he’s a zombie.

how zombies get dressed(i’m not touching this!  we won’t invoke the pun about mummy versus mommy and then talk about the mixed genders implied in their conversation.  but trust me, inside i’m giggling.)

Watty: yeah…

(oh… this is going to be good.  whenever watty gets that thoughtful silent pause, i know he’s creating “facts” in his head.  and little brother gogo falls for them every single time.)

the next zombie kingWatty: That’s right. He’s like a zombie that was a king.
GoGo: He’s the king zombie.

(yep.  deliver with authority and you can make up “facts” all day long.  this kid is a natural at tall tales.)

Watty: Yep. A mummy is the king of the zombies.

(sigh.  watty is a natural at this stuff. notice how he incorporated his brother’s suggestion without missing a beat.  he claimed it like it was his idea to begin with.  this kid is going to be dangerous if i don’t teach him to respect the truth.)

I wouldn’t even know where to begin to explain how wrong this is on so many levels. I’m thinking I might start with the toilet paper.

To be continued…?

Has the zombie invasion reached your household yet?  Got any stories to share?

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