A Laundry List

Today’s post is a laundry list of sorts.  For months now, I’ve had a post title with no words to follow.  The title?

Top 10 Things I Love About Laundry

It’s an awesome title.  If I can ever write the post, I’m sure it will be a popular one.  But I can’t.  At least not yet.  I have a whole list of reasons why. They are (wait for it…)

My Laundry List

laundry list of excuses(of excuses and reasons)

  1.  If I saw this title on Pinterest, I’d skip right past it.  I’d think the woman who wrote the article was CRACKED or maybe a FAKE or maybe even BOTH.

  2.  If I wrote this today, I’d be faking it.  I hate laundry.

  3.  I can’t fake it. I can’t even imagine what would be on the list if I was faking it.

  4.  Loving laundry is beyond what I can imagine.  I seriously can’t fathom what it would take for me to get to that point.

  5.  I can’t find a cheat sheet.  I can’t find a single blog post written by anyone (sane) who loves laundry.  (OK, technically i found a few, but they were WHACKED.  they were written by women who do laundry by hand, hang their sheets out to dry, and actually iron their sheets. i can’t relate to that at all.)

I still want to write the post.

i went looking for laundry loveIt’s not that I want to start ironing my socks or writing poetry about how marvelous clean sheets are.  Realistically, that’s just not me.  I think the people who reach that level of laundry nirvana are wonderful (if a little cray-cray) but I’m not even aiming for that.

I just want to quit hating laundry.

Between the time I spend gathering, sorting, pre-treating, washing and rewashing, sorting, folding, and storing I spend a good ten hours a week on laundry.  If you add in the additional time I spent dreading and complaining, it’s even more.

In 2012, I’m estimating I spent almost a MONTH of my life on laundry.

That’s a lot of time spent on something I hate.

Since I’m not going to suddenly stop needing to do laundry, the only part of the equation that can change is ME.  

I recognize I need to change my heart about laundry.  Instead of automatically slipping into hatred and loathing when I see a pile of laundry, I want a different reaction.

I know it’s a stretch.  But I believe in miracles.

I want to see laundry as a blessing.  I want to write thankful thoughts about my laundry.

I want to write that post.

i went looking for laundry love

I struggle with laundry.

I want to be able to sit down and list out all the things I love about doing laundry and edit the list DOWN to the best ten ideas.

I have no idea how I’m going to make this happen, I just know that it has to.

I’m open to suggestions.  Can you think of anything you think will help me?

Edited to add:

I spent a good deal of time looking through my ebooks on Homemaking, trying to find something that would help me turn my laundry loathing habit around.

I think I did, but it needs time for me to know for sure.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this amazing quote from one of the ebooks.

It’s from We Are THAT Family. More specifically, from her ebook titled THAT WORKS FOR ME.  It’s a compilation of ideas from all of the stuff that ‘s been shared on her “works for me Wednesday” sharefests over the years.

I don’t do WFMW, but I used to when I ran that other blog long ago.  If you’ve never checked it out, I highly recommend it.

the most memorable days

The rest of the ebook is awesome.  I’m saying that because I like it, not because I get anything from you buying the book.  Her tip on socks… mind blown.


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  1. This was a fun one to read while I am sitting here procrastinating on doing my own laundry (along with a whole list of other things as well). I use laundry as my excuse to watch what I want on television because the rest of the family tends to avoid a huge pile of laundry. That’s pretty much all I have for you. Good luck!
    Jean recently posted..If You Knocked on My Door Right Now…My Profile

  2. Maybe convince your husband that he should do laundry instead? I hate it too!
    Michelle recently posted..Ten Ways To Take Better Portraits With Your DSLR {Guest Post}My Profile

    • ummm. no.
      Hubby is willing to swap laundry from machine to machine. He’ll put away his own laundry if I sort if for him. That’s enough.

      It’s not that I think it’s my job (instead of his). It’s that I don’t want Mr Engineer to read all the instructions on the washing machine! Or on the soap box. Oh my word, the laundry would NEVER get done. He’d have a big ole’ flow chart of how to sort based on color and fabric and owner. We’d have this huge complicated system instead of my “toss em in and turn it on” approach.

      I already live with the man critiquing the way I load the dishwasher because my way doesn’t get the dishes perfect (according to him). I don’t need him critiquing the laundry too!

  3. I hate doing laundry I do every other job around the house before I get to the laundry. To be perfectly honest its not so much the laundry but the endless hours of ironing that comes after it. That’s probably why I’m here surfing the web instead of doing my own laundry.

  4. Its a great post with a fun filled across the laundry list!!It reminds me of my laundry and finally “every memorable days ends up with the dirtiest clothes” is what I loved about.

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