My Kids Make Me Laugh When I’m Sick

My kids make me laugh, even when I’m sick.  They do it almost every day and I try to pick the best of the week and share it with you on Tuesdays.

(originally when i started this feature i was worried i’d run out of content.  i no longer worry.)

we're having a giveawayIf you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (and you should! right now it will get you a contest entry) then you know that my family was sick this past weekend.  We didn’t even all have the same bug, so it was particularly miserable.

Since my husband is sitting mere feet away, I’ll have to wait before sharing my thoughts on his man cold.  It’s hard to be snarky when he’s still in the room.

My kids were troopers.  But, by Monday morning, they were ready to go to school.

(I’d like to think that’s because they love school.  I suspect it’s because they were tired of being around sick grownups.)

i have laryngitis and im not afraid to use itSince my husband was busy dying from his man cold, it fell to me to get them up and dressed for school.  I don’t know about your house, but at my house that’s a task that requires frequent reminders from parents.  On their own, my kids aren’t going to stay on track and get all their “getting dressed and ready for school” stuff done on schedule.

On a good day, it requires a little nagging.  On a bad day, it requires the voice of a drill sergeant.  Monday wasn’t a good day.

Unfortunately, whatever bug I’ve been battling has hit my vocal cords.  It’s not exactly laryngitis.  It’s more that I sound like Lauren Bacall (or like I’ve been chain smoking cigarette since I was seven).

It confused my kids.

Me:  (croaking) Watty, what are you doing?

Watty screeches and runs off to finish getting dressed.

(wow, that was effective.  sweet!)

Hubby:  (weakly) do you have it under control? can you bring me some water?

I finish getting dressed and manage to give my husband some water without actually pouring it on him.

Me: (croaking)  GoGo, do you have your shoes on?

Watty screeches again.

GoGo:  Mommy, why are you using Daddy’s voice?

Watty:  Yeah.  Give it back. You’re scaring me.

GoGo: Voice stealer!

At that point, I realized why Watty had been screeching and running away from me.  I started laughing, but it was that barking hyena laugh that happens when your vocal cords are all messed up.

Both Boys: (covering their ears) Stop! Give Daddy his voice back!

Hubby: (weakly) What’s going on?

At that point, hubby showed up in person.  The morning was in chaos and we were in danger of being late to school.  Hubby used his normal growly morning voice and scolded them.  The process of laughing temporarily cleared up my throat and let me speak normally.

Normalcy returned.  Hubby and I got our voices back and the kids got to school on time.

My kids make me laugh! Even when I’m sick.

laryngitis defined

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