My Blogging Chair

I’m sitting in my favorite chair, a space the kids call my blogging chair.  I never intended for it to become “my” chair.

I always thought it was silly to hear people talk about a spot in the house that belonged to just them or to have a chair that no one else in the family was allowed to sit in.  I never got it.

But there’s this chair.  I doesn’t face the television, so no one else really wants it.  It has easy access to a power supply.  It gets great morning light.  I can see out the back window.

And it just kind of works.  When I’m alone, it’s peaceful.  When the kids are here, I know where they are and can supervise them.  When the television is on, I can put my headphones on and not be distracted.

Over time, it became “my chair.”

i sit in my blogging chair and writeAnd the funny thing is that when I sit here, the words come easier.  I can write anywhere.  But when I’m stuck, moving to my chair seems to make me unstuck.  It’s like every single part of me knows what to do.

(This post is a perfect example.  I sat down with that “I have no CLUE what I’m blogging about this week” feeling.)

The thing is, the chair isn’t fabulous.  I bought it for $100 and it shows. The cushion is starting to smush up. The fabric is pilling.  It’s not even that comfortable of a chair. The spot isn’t that fabulous either.  I almost always have a mess on the floor next to the chair because there’s nowhere to put stuff.  Sigh.

I just works.

Last week, my husband and I were talking about my blogging chair.

I’m running two businesses PLUS our household out of a tote bag that sits next to my chair.  Make that two tote bags.  OK, make it three.

For the business part of blogging (yes, there’s more to blogging than just the words that show up on the screen) I actually don’t like to sit in my blogging chair.  That’s for WRITING.  I move to a different chair or use the table.  Same with the other business stuff.  It all just sits by my chair because … well…  it’s my chair.

Hubby offered to swap furniture around in the house to give me a more comfortable chair.  He offered to swap the tiny decorative side table for a small desk that we own.  He offered to move a filing cabinet closer to where I pile all the papers.

(OK, at one level, I know the hubs is just tired of the pile on the floor and is trying to make it neater. I’m not dense.)

From a man who dreads moving furniture around, it was a big and generous offer.  I’m touched.

At a bigger level, I’m scared.  He didn’t use the words, but we’d be carving out a tiny office space for ME. I’d have an office for my business(es).   It wouldn’t be just me and my silly blogging chair.

It wouldn’t be a room of my own, but it’s a start.  (yes, i’ve contemplated making the kids share a bedroom so i can have a room of my own.  so?)

At that point, I feel like I’ve crossed the line from stay at home mom to work at home mom.

feel the fear and do it anywayAnd that scares me. It scares the ever living snot out of me, even though I know I crossed the line months ago.  It has nothing to do with the mommy wars (you know I think those are ridiculous anyway).  It has to do with how I see myself and my own identity.

(Honestly, it’s also because the I don’t want the pressure.  Work = money. Right now, I’m doing good to break even.  I have goals, I have momentum, but right now it’s still just coffee money.)

This is where you say “feel the fear and do it anyway.”  Or in Jon Acuff terms, “punch fear in the face.”

I did.

I realized how much pressure I was adding to myself.

As a stay at home mom, I’m trying to cram writing into the corners of my schedule.  I’m also trying to cram building a second business into the same left over spaces.  It’s not working.  And when I ignore the laundry or the dishes because the blog needs new words, I feel guilt.

As a work at home mom, I would have office hours.  I wouldn’t feel guilt over the time I’m spending on a business when the house isn’t “done.”  (Realistically, I would.  But it would be different guilt.  You know that, right?)

(feel the fear, do it anyway.  punch punch punch.)

We talked.

As a family, we talked through how I was budgeting my time and what that meant to everyone.

Today, I’m sitting in my old chair.  Tomorrow, who knows.

Do you have a chair of your own?

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  1. I actually do have a couple spots in the house where I like to blog…dining room table, leather chair in living room, sometimes in bed….never in my office. I think because its too confining a space. The rest of the downstairs is so open. I can’t explain the bedroom thing but it is a lot bigger than my office and we have high ceilings so maybe that’s it. But definitely words come easier to me in those spots!
    Michelle recently posted..Why You Should Scan Your Printed PhotosMy Profile

    • I LOVE to curl up on my bed and write. If I’m having a long marathon session where I just write and write and write I can promise I’m propped up in the bed with every single pillow. Hubby isn’t terribly fond of that, but he tolerates it from time to time.

  2. {Melinda} Susan, I can totally relate to this. I am definitely a Work-at-home mom, but I don\’t have much to show for it yet, monetarily. But I LOVE it and wouldn\’t want to do anything else. It doesn\’t make sense, but it\’s clearly what God wants me to do. But I have to rely on Him daily so my work doesn\’t overtake my home. It\’s a constant recalibration. Constant.

    • I’m still baffled at myself for why this is such a big deal to me, but it is. The whole idea of trading the SAHM label for the WAHM mom freaks me out – in a good way. I know it’s what God has planned for me. But that doesn’t make it simple to implement. Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone.

  3. Great post,thank you!Very useful!

  4. It’s great to have “a place.” For me and my wife it’s different. Even different rooms. And we take turns with our toddler back and forth throughout the day. I coach people by telephone how to make money online. My wife helps with blogging and advertising. To have a place to go to everyday in your home is comforting and productive. Great post.

  5. Hi Susan, Thanks for sharing your story.

    Me myself have my own ‘blogging chair’.

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