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Today’s Blissdom Bliss is from my notes on Scott Stratten’s Keynote address. It includes a giveaway.

(this is part 5 of the series, in case you lost track.)

I have to confess. I had no idea who this guy was when he stood up to speak. All I knew was that he tweeted – a LOT. He was more enjoyable to follow on twitter than most. And that he had a book.

(disclosures: Scott gave each of us a book in our SWAG bags. I’ve exchanged tweets with Scott and was a total geek about it.)

Now that I know… I think he’s awesome.  I’m giving away some of his awesomeness because I want to share.

(i read half the awesome side first.  yes, i’m an amazon associate. that link has my secret money making code embedded in it.)

In another life, he was a stand up comedian. A good one that people actually want to pay money and see. His personality filled the room with awesomeness, even when he was sitting in sessions with us instead of speaking.

“I speak in tweets.”

That was actually awesome because the twitter stream served as a great back-up to my notes. I just created a search stream on Hootsuite using @unmarkeing #Blissdom and it all popped back up.

Blissdom Bliss from @Unmarketing that EVERYONE should know.

the secret to social media“The two groups of people you do not want to [tick] off in this world: geeks and moms.” And “Nothing is more scary than a group of organized, tech-savvy moms. Don’t [tick] them off.”

“The secret to social media is to be SOCIAL.”That seems so simple and straight forward, but it’s true. The corollary is even simpler. “Talk WITH people, not AT them.”

“You know when you look awesome, when you’re you.”

Scott said that 75% of what he does on Twitter is reply to other people. Not RT, reply. #awesome

He also said “twitter is a conversation. Not a dictation.” The man has a kagillion followers, so I figure he knows something.

My big takeaway?

twitter is a conversation“Don’t be awesome on social media and then bad in person.”

Be authentic. Be real.

“The best time to blog is when you have something to say.”


“When the stuff hits the fan, don’t hide behind it! Be Awesome instead!”

Then I read the books. Both of them.

As I said in the comments of Thursday’s post on my top five blogging pet peeves, Scott’s books profoundly changed the way I looked at blogging. It’s changed how I use twitter.  It’s changed how I moderate comments.  It’s changed when and how I leave comments on other blogs.

I am better at blogging and social media for having met Scott Stratton and read his books.

I want to give two of you the same opportunity.

blissdom bliss unmarketing giveawayI’m giving away Blissdom Books!

Think of it a little piece of Blissdom Bliss of your very own.

These are some of the books that I purchased at Blissdom and brought home in big tote from Thirty-One.  From the moment I bought them I’ve intended on giving them away.

Two books = Two Winners.  Books will be assigned randomly.

Leave me a comment with your favorite Scott Stratton quote.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To quote Mothering From Scratch (because they’re awesome and i couldn’t put it better)

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  1. Crystal Green says

    "Word-Of-Mouth/Viral isn't a campaign. It's the result of doing something worth talking about."

  2. These books sound excellent! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Sarah recently posted..How to Get Google to Bring the Vacation Deals to YouMy Profile

  3. You mentioned these books before when we were chatting (on twitter, in comments…sorry I can’t remember where now!)…I wish I had heard him speak!! I am addicted to social media and especially love twitter! If I don’t win, I’m buying these! Excited to check them out.
    Michelle recently posted..Why You Should Scan Your Printed PhotosMy Profile

  4. Sarah Mueller says

    I've never won anything before! Thank you so much!

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