Dear BellaVita

Dear BellaVita USA, Thank you so much for my birthday present.

bellavita box

It is BE-YOU-TI-FUL! Even more than that, it’s in my new favorite color. Pink.

bellavita pink


OK, I know, it’s technically not a birthday present.  But it arrived just in time for me to open it on my birthday and it was perfectly wrapped like a gift should be.

In all seriousness, I was contacted by BellaVita and offered a free iPhone wrist wallet in my choice of colors in exchange for a review. Of course I said yes! How could I not? They are GORGEOUS!

They also have a pretty neat back-story for their company that made me WANT to be associated with them.

Bellla vita pink 2


How could a girl turn it down? When i took it out of the box, it was even better than the photos.  It’s real leather. Something about the Vita just felt RIGHT in my hand.

I was particularly excited about how beautifully it coordinates with my new tote bag and key fob.  It looks like they were made to go together.

bella vita pink 3


On errand day, I can shop hands free. All I need is my keys and my BellaVita wrist wallet.  That just rocks.

keys and bellavita


I loved the look and the feel of the BellaVita, but I wanted to take it for a few test drives.  I don’t do many reviews on my blog, and I wasn’t willing to write about it until I actually KNEW it was something I loved.

So, I grabbed my keys and left the house.

bellavita and keys


Every time I held this in my hands it made me smile.  I LOVE the way the leather feels. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say that it feels expensive. Really really expensive.

It made me feel special.

In an unexpected twist, my sons were excited about it. They saw it as a very special little mommy thing and they were thrilled to see how girly and pretty it was on me. (They didn’t touch it, but they were happy for me to own it.)

When I could, I didn’t let my precious BellaVita dangle from my wrist, I carried it in my hand so I could squish on the leather.

i love the bellavita leather


So how did it function?  I was really pretty impressed. This wasn’t my first phone/wallet combo and I have some pretty high standards.

  1. I have to be able to charge the phone IN THE CASE.  BellaVita did this without a problem. It was as easy to charge the phone in the wallet as it was without it.

  2. I need to be able to use the camera.  No problems with indoor photos.  I’ve posted several photos this past week on my blog that were taken with my iPhone in the BellaVita.  Outdoor photos took a bit of practice, but I quickly mastered how to position the phone so that the camera and the camera hole lined up perfectly.

  3. I need to be able to use the wallet.  Not a problem. I could access my debit card with a quick flick of the wrist.  But the wristlet also snaps securely closed.  I was never worried about losing my cards from the inside!

4. It has to fit in my pocket. Surprisingly, the BellaVita leather wrist wallet performed well. The wallet doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone itself. I was pleasantly surprised.

  1. I need to be able to use the phone. This worked great. I’ve sent many emails and tweets and status updates on my phone while looking stylish and squishing yummy pink leather.  Talking on the phone with my wallet in my hand felt a little silly, but I quickly adjusted to it.

123 easy bellavita


Oh my.  I love this wrist wallet.

If you want one of your own, hop over to the BellaVita USA website and take a look.  In addition to pink (Bacca) The BellaVita comes in a variety of colors: Violetta (Purple), Caramello (Tan/Camal), Marina (Navy Blue), Celeste (Blue), Cioccolato (Brown), and Fiore (Red). Each sells for $65.00 (for iPhone 4/4s version)

They are running a 20% off sale in honor of Mother’s Day from now until 5/12/13.


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  1. that’s pretty awesome… and I love the color. Happy Belated Birthday.
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