More Zombie Nonsense

I’m writing more zombie nonsense.  My kids are soooo confused about zombies (and that means it makes good blogging material.)

(i am too, but mine is at a whole different level of geekiness.)
when zombies attackRemember when I told you that they were playing Minecraft in the backseat and one of them said

I hate dead people.

I told you they were confused about zombies, right?  (that was the day my son said DUH to me.  there’s a whole blog post on DUH that needs to happen.)

That was just part of the confusion.  And as hip and cool as the idea of a zombie apocalypse may be, it’s not making parenting any easier.

First, there were zombie nightmares.

I have to say that being awakened out a deep dream to hear a child screaming

the zombies are coming!  they’re gonna get me

the zombies are comingis more than a little confusing.  To be honest, there was that brief mili-second where I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not… or whether we were under a zombie attack.

The whole thing with zombies started from a comic book — I mean GRAPHIC NOVEL —  the boys got out of the school library.  It turns out it was a tad bit too graphic.

Partway through the age appropriate super hero content, the bad guy retreated to his island inhabited by zombie dinosaurs.

(don’t get me started.  somehow, zombie dinosaurs strains credulity.  i can buy into bad guys, super heroes, dinosaurs, hidden islands, and zombies… but NOT zombie dinosaurs.  i have standards.)

That’s when the zombie nightmares started.  Sigh.

Then, there was zombie nonsense (i mean science).

They asked me if zombies were real. And I didn’t know how to answer them.

The easy answer is NO. Of course not.

And that would be true.

In the classic cartoon or video game sense, skelletons don’t come back to life. Half decomposed bodies don’t crawl out of the dirt and start walking around with their arms out at weird angles. And as far as I know, they don’t eat brains.


My husband says is that zombies may actually exist.  The science is pretty sketchy and unresolved, but there have been actual scientific studies of zombies in both Aftrica and Haiti.


And in an even more complicated sense, zombies are pretty common.

Yes.  Zombies are common.

Have you seen my couch during a video game weekend? I’m pretty sure that it’s inhabited by zombies.

zombies exist

To be continued…

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