Honest mommy, I can explain everything.

“Honest mommy, I can explain everything.”

There is a perfectly good reason why my son is standing in the shower, fully dressed, singing at the top of his lungs.

honest mommy - i can explain everything

(sigh.  he’s wearing a brazilian soccer jersey that was a gift.  perhaps that explains his current soccer obsession.  hmmm…)

Since Watty is only sixteen months old in this photo, I’ll have to do a little speculative interpretation on exactly what HIS reasons were.  He was talking, but it wasn’t exactly in full sentences.

(more like NO!  and WHY? over and over and over.)

What’s the explanation?

We had adult visitors in the house and were busy chatting about other stuff.  Suddenly we realized it was a little TOO quiet.

Toddler + Quiet = Trouble.

Given how our house was gated, it took about two seconds to figure out where he was, and another few seconds to grab the camera.

Watty was going through a phase where he obsessed with cleaning.

He cleaned everything.

His favorite “toy” was the vacuum cleaner.  He cried when we put it up.

(sigh.  i miss those days.  i had the cleanest baseboards in town back then.)

As obsessed as he was with cleaning, why shouldn’t it include cleaning himself?  Playing in the shower was the highlight of most days.

The Real Explanation?

Oh, you want the story behind the story.  Fine.  It’s not as funny, but it’s more interesting.

bye bye mommy

First of all, my sixteen month old son is NOT playing the Xbox.

He’s holding the controller upside down.  Look close.

His Daddy had been playing, and like all little boys, he was trying to be like his Daddy.

See the suitcase?  The one in the bottom right corner?

We were about to send Watty to stay with my mom for a day so that I could do something really important.

helloThis was the day that GoGo was born.

When Watty came to visit his baby brother in the hospital, he stood peering into the bassinet, staring.  Then he smiled at me and said

It’s a GO GO!

I’ve always wondered if he was trying to tell me that it was a baby that would say “goo goo, ga ga” but I’ll never know for sure.

On the other hand, GoGo is a much cooler nickname for a boy than GaGa… or GooGoo.

So I was a wee bit distracted when Watty managed to turn the shower on and climb in without adult supervision.

broken phoneThe phone is an interesting part of the whole explanation.

It didn’t work because we hadn’t plugged it in yet.  But we needed it.

The day I was discharged from the hospital, our city was being evacuated for hurricane Rita.

I came home with a newborn to a few unplanned guests who were sheltering with us.

(thank goodness i’m obsessed with toilet paper storage.  it was a full week before the stores were open and restocked.)

So a few hours before the storm, as I’m chatting with my Mother In Law, buzzed from the post-op pain pills, and trying to nurse a newborn, I confess I was a bit distracted.

For just a moment, I lost track of where my older child was.  The toddler took advantage of my distraction and went and took a shower on his own.

 I can explain.

i can explain

 Hope you’re having a good day.

Have any fun photos from your past that deserve an explanation? 

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  1. Don’t you just love kids…they never cease to amaze with their antics but you can’t shout at him because he’s so cute…bless him

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