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thankful thoughts about my catIt was only a matter of time until I wrote down some thankful thoughts about my cats.

Honestly, this would be a post about how amazing my dog is, except that I’m allergic to dogs.  I had dogs growing up and I miss them dearly.  Sigh.

When I first learned that I was allergic to dogs, I was hesitant to try a cat as a “dog surrogate.”  Cats and dogs are mortal enemies, and I just couldn’t see it working out.

But, I was a single woman who worked way too many hours a week.  I had no social life.  I needed a reason to go home at night.

So I adopted Bob.

bob was a good cat.Bob was the perfect starter cat.  I didn’t know much about being a cat owner, but he didn’t know much about being a cat.  It worked out for both of us.

He would come when I called his name.  He would flop over and beg for belly rubs.  He ate scraps off the kitchen floor.

Due to an unfortunate incident in his first days of kitten-hood, Bob had only a stump of a tail.  He even wagged his stubby little tail at me.

About the only cat-like thing Bob did was to curl up on my feet at night and purr.

(he’s gone now, but i still miss bob.  he was an awesome cat.)

He did his job well.  I stopped working 120 hours a week and scaled it down to a more respectable 80, and then down to an almost slackerly 60.

I had so much time on my hands that I started dating again.

That’s when I met my husband.

My husband owned a cat.  When we married, Misti was part of the package.

So I adopted Misti.

For years, Misti and I didn’t get along.  She’s not Bob.

(from her perspective, I’m not my husband.  she’s a one person cat.)  

She’s old and grouchy now, and she has a few litter box issues.   At least she doesn’t attack my ankles when I walk past her.

Bob was there for me when I needed someone to talk to.   He listened as I cried about horrible first dates.  He never showed judgement when I ate double stuff Oreos in bed.  He knew how stay quiet about his food bowl until I’d gained consciousness.

Misti… not so much.

When the boys were in diapers and my husband was traveling too much and the house was big and empty, Misti had one important job in my life.  When I heard noises at 2am (that weren’t from my babies), I could always assume the cat had made the noise.

Being able to say “it was just the cat” and roll back over and go to sleep was just what I needed.

She and I have grown older together.  In the past 10 years, we’ve developed a cautious friendship.  She trusts me to protect her from the boys, and I trust her not to repeat the silly gossip she is privy to.

OK, that last part takes a little explaining.

You know how sometimes you hear some really juicy gossip that you KNOW you can’t share? Like that time your neighbor’s repossession notice ended up in YOUR mailbox by mistake or that a woman at church is pregnant but hasn’t announced it yet (and the only reason you know is because you saw her buy the pregnancy test on Tuesday and then caught her throwing up at church on Sunday and she gave you that guilty look that said “don’t tell.”).  The kind of stuff where if you don’t tell someone you’ll just POP?  I tell it to the cat.  Most of the time, she’s the ONLY person I gossip to.

She’s my blogging companion.

I have a favorite chair for blogging.  It’s a big overstuffed chair that I’m sure isn’t the most ergonomically appropriate location for my “office.”  But I like it.  So does the cat.  She perches on the back of the chair and watches as the curser goes across the page.

(it reminds me of Bob… he used to chase the arrow on the screen.  very cute, but very annoying.)

The thing is that with her watching, I’m always reminded that what I write has an audience. It’s like the gossip thing in a way.  When I’m tempted to share a funny story about my kids that’s over the line, she’s there… watching.  When I’ve typed a hurtful word about my husband, she’s there… watching.  Those things go unshared, in part because of the little editor on my shoulder.

I’m thankful for cats.

It’s true that I was initially a reluctant cat owner.  But that doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful.

They’ve given me companionship and warmth when I needed it most.  They listen.  One particular cat is at least partly responsible for the fact that I’m married.

They can keep a secret like you wouldn’t believe.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. You know, I have a cat. Her name is Daisy and she’s 13-1/2. We had another cat named Lucy but she died 2 years ago. We also have an 11-year-old black lab named Shelby. I don’t really like cats. We got the cats for the kids. But then the kids grew up and moved out and left us the cat. When the kids were here, they spoiled them rotten. I mean ROTTEN. Now that the kids are gone, the cat expects the same from my husband and me. But we don’t want to. So she screeches at us constantly. We are BOTH so tired of her! And now she attacks the dog all the time. Poor dog. She doesn’t do anything to deserve it. I think Daisy is just ticked. I’ve compromised and have been letting her sit with me in the evenings. It seems to be helping.

    I love what you said about blaming noises on the cat. I do that, too. If I’m ever petless I’m going to be a nervous wreck.
    Patty recently posted..What’s For Dinner? (No 69)My Profile

    • There are times I wish I was pet-less. Mainly when I have to clean up a mess, make a special trip to buy cat food, or when the cat is being a pest. Oh, or when we’re traveling and I have to make arrangements for a pet sitter.

      But… we aren’t petless. My kids are attached to the cat (and the turtles) and want even more critters. It’s just part of having kids. Since we have to have them, I’m choosing to focus on the positives.

      When I was single, my Bob gave me a ton of companionship. He really was a blessing. I miss that cat.

  2. test comment – new comment features in progress.

  3. Cats are so adorable and raising one will really change your perspective about life.

  4. Such is the human character, we slowly drift away when we are not living for others. I love raising cats of my own as well! More power.

  5. Such a sweet post! It sounds like Bob was a really awesome kitty. God knows just what we need and puts it in our lives at the right time 🙂 I'm glad that Misti has decided to bond with you at least a little bit. Cats can be really great to talk to. I talk to mine all the time.

  6. I talk to mine too, They're really good at keeping secrets. 🙂

  7. Paula Williams says:

    Greetings Susan! I have to say reading this was like reading my own story.Its heartwarming to see people really loving their furry companions.Since I’v retired all my days are now focused on my dogs,cats, and hedgehog.You could say that now I have a new ” pet project”.My daughter is away in college,my husband is abroad.I miss them terribly everyday.But our home is still a happy home because of our pets.You could only imagine my husband’s and daughter’s faces when they see our house, its beginning to look like a mini zoo! Well again,Thanks for making my day with your stories!

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