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blissdom for non bloggers unmarketingToday’s Blissdom Bliss is brought to you by Scott Stratten, Mr @UnMarketing himself.

No, he’s not guest posting.  Don’t be silly.  But I as I was working on the next installment of my Blissdom Bliss for non-bloggers series, things got a little strange.

Scott was our keynote speaker, and he was awesome.  I would pay money to listen to the man just for the stand-up comedy routine.  It was that good.  Particularly his rant about QR codes. (link to YouTube – it’s worth the time to watch it.  Honest.)

As I was mulling over what to say, I saw something QR code related on Pinterest.

(what?  you don’t surf Pinterest while mentally drafting blog posts?  i thought everyone did that.)

It was a really cool idea for using QR codes in the classroom, and I was intrigued.  I also remembered that Scott Stratten claimed that 90% of what he does on Twitter was responses.

So I thought… what he heck… and I tweeted a question to @UnMarketing about whether it was a good use for QR codes or not.

And then @UnMarketing tweeted me.

That’s when things got a little weird.

evidence of a geek attackI geeked out and wanted to call everyone I knew.  Then I realized no one would understand.  My real life friends average two tweets a week.  

I still stink at Twitter, but I know enough to know Twitter awesomeness when I see it.   For a Social Media geek, getting a response from Scott was like getting a response from oh… I don’t know…  Johnny Depp.  Or maybe like if PW mentioned MY recipe on her blog (gulp).

(i’m not alone.  many of the people at Blissdom shared that seeing actual “real authors” – the kind with printed books — had them star struck.)

I realized I’m a Tweet Geek.

Blissdom Bliss – The care and feeding of Tweet Geeks

If you know someone who geeks out over tweets more than actual celebrity sightings, here’s a few things you should know.

how to care for your geek.  1.  It’s perfectly normal to have geek-crushes.

  1.  You need to respond with all the enthusiasm you can muster.  This is a BIG HAIRY DEAL to them.  Think how you would feel if a movie star responded to your email by actually showing up at your door.

  2.  Geek rock stars are still rock stars.  Even if you don’t understand.

  3.  Your geek needs time to capture the tweet an immortalize it.  Let her.  Let her bask in her moment of geeky glory without actually laughing at her where she can see.

(not only did I capture the tweet url, i grabbed a screenshot of the tweet.  in case twitter is ever broken. sigh….)

  1.  Your geek is probably checking her Klout score to see if went up.  Gently remind her that (in the words of @UnMarketing himself)

“Treat everyone as influcencers, because they are.”


“Don’t judge people by their KLOUT scores.”

(my Klout score remained the same. but i did check)

“I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care where you’re from.  I don’t care how many followers you have.  It does not excuse you from common courtesy.”

and my favorite

“If you want to be awesome, be awesome to EVERYBODY.”

Scott Stratton, if you’re reading this, thanks for being awesome to everybody including me.  Thanks for being authentically awesome and actually DOING what you spoke about.  I love that you walk the walk that you talk.

Bottom Line for Bloggers

If you want to take your Twitter game to the next level, study what Scott is doing.  Look at how he engages companies and then turns those tweets into blogging gold.  

Here’s his Twitter page.  Go follow him now!

(Although at this point, he skips blogging and puts in a book.  How sweet is that!)  

I have more to share from Scott next time, including a few notes on his books.  But until then…

The man is making a living by being awesome on Twitter.

‘Nuff said.

I have to ask. Have you ever geeked out over interacting with someone Famous (or just “famous”) on Social Media?

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  1. That the first time I’ve been compared to Johnny Depp. Day made! Thanks for the awesome post 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. I remember the time a celeb replied to my tweet. It was pretty cool. Now I see that Scott replied here, so hopefully you’re remembering to breathe between all the excitement. Rock on tweet geek.

    p.s. love how you’re also implementing Jon Acuff’s advice to use one piece of content all over the place, blog it, pin it, tweet it, etc.

    • It took me all of yesterday to calm down and remember how to spell after Scott commented yesterday. I was so geeked… sigh…

      As for using Jon Acuff’s strategy, yep… totally guilty and not even going to pretend otherwise. I figure if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for me.

      Thanks for noticing. 🙂

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