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thankful thoughts laughterI can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to share some thankful thoughts on laughter.  One of the sounds I treasure the most is the sound of my children laughing.

In many ways, I’ve studied the sound of laughter most of my adult life.

In the depths of dark times, laughter seemed foreign.

When I was walking around in a cloud of dark and gloomy melancholy, the sparkle of laughter from others seemed an unwelcome intrusion.  It was such an odd sound in my world of silent sadness.

But it was also a sound of hope.

It was a sound that reminded me of what normal life could hold.

laughter is powerfulI longed to laugh again.

I learned to laugh again.

And in doing so, I left the darkness behind.

In times of stress, laughter seemed absurd.

I remember counting the days until payday.  And then counting the number of diapers and mentally calculating the servings of milk.  In my best Dave Ramsey imitation, I proposed to balance the budget by nursing longer and potty training sooner.

My husband and I laughed.  For the first time in weeks.

The milk and diapers lasted.  The paycheck came, and over time the budget balanced.

The details of how are a vague memory.

But I remember that bright laughter.  It cut through the pain and the stress and made us feel that everything would be ok.

In times of the absurd, laughter has made us feel normal.

i am thankful for laughterOne of my church lady friends got a little mixed up about Twitter.  She kept mis-pronouncing the “I” vowel with something less polite.  It was in a committee meeting with lots of other church ladies, so you can imagine our reaction.  The stunned awkward silence was broken by the welcome sounds of giggles.  In the process, her embarrassment faded and was forgotten.

Laughter heals.

In hectic times, laughter has pushed the pause button.

In the hurried tick-tock of errand day, I paused to let my child giggle at the feel of grass against his toes.

In the crazy busy of holiday madness, I paused to chuckle at the display of singing snowmen.

In the ever present making-dinner rush, I paused to laugh at my sons’ bad joke.  It wasn’t funny, but it was so impossibly bad that I laughed at it anyway.

In times of delight, laughter has leaked out of me like an explosion of Joy.

The surprise blessing of ice patterns forming lace curtains on my bedroom window on a frosty fall morning set me in giggles of delight.

The joy of discovering the first blooms of spring made me chuckle helplessly.

The silly antics of the baby squirrels that race up and down on the tree in my backyard hold me spellbound, silent in my laughter.

I am thankful for laughter.

What are you thankful for today?

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