My Kids Make Me Laugh at Camp No-Fi

My kids make me laugh camp no fiI started to call this edition of “My Kids Make Me Laugh” something different. More like “My Cabin Makes Me Laugh.” But then I decided that would be too confusing. So I didn’t.

The cabin we rented really was pretty special. The whole place was decorated in a mash up of mid-century modern, fifties diner, and retro-garage designed man-cave. It was in a big metal building that was referred to as a BARN on the rental company website.

My kids were confused, but happy.

The decor worked.

The black and white unifed everything.

The ceiling in the main room was corrugated (wavy) metal painted black. They’ve hung giant brand signs parallel with the ceiling.

My boys were in AWE.

They’re also amazed at the phone booth and the coke machine.

My favorite was their bedroom.

In keeping with the Fifties vibe, there are old records hung on the wall. Not LP’s, but 45’s.

My kids stood there looking at the records on their wall in total silence.

Then I heard them whispering.

Watty: Whoa… our room plays DVD’s.  cool!
GoGo: Quick, look for the play button.
Watty: Do you think we just lie on the bed and watch the ceiling?

our room plays dvdsIt took FOREVER to explain to the kids what a record was.

Watty:  You mean they are CD’s instead of DVD’s?

Me: No.  Not CD’s.  Records.

Watty:  But they play music?

Me:  Yes.

Watty:  Then it’s a CD

(he said this next part very slowly, like he thought i was stupid.)

Watty:  A CD is just a DVD without the pictures.  You LISTEN to it instead of WATCH it.

I started to go there.  I really did.  I thought about a long detailed discussion about the differences in recording technology  and playback methods.

But then I realized we didn’t have access to Wikipedia or You Tube.  And I couldn’t even distract my kids with the ice-cream truck.

So I distracted them with a cookie instead.

But you have to admit – a DVD playing room would be really cool.

 How did your kids make you laugh this week?

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  1. {Melinda} That is too funny. My kids cannot fathom that I grew up in a world without Google. My daughter said to me once, “I have a lot of respect for you, mom. You graduated from college — without Google.” Like the mere thought of it was completely incomprehensible. 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch recently to make kid-friendly smoothiesMy Profile

    • I was trying to explain the concept of a card catalog to my 16 year old niece. She was in total shock. Then we started talking about long-distance phone calls. Remember those? Remember when we had to wait until after 5pm to make a phone call because the rates went down. Wow.

  2. This is hysterical! I had a similar conversation with my daughters 8 year old friend and it was about a cassette tape!

  3. Nice post ! I love the idea of the records on the wall!

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