Way too many Tweets about Eggs and Egg Puns

My week of silly egg puns is almost over.

But if you want more, you can check out the archives.  I have almost a DOZEN posts of eggy goodness.   They are all collected on an single page for your enjoyment.  Go look.  It includes free printables for lunchbox notes (or whatever mischief you might want to get into).   

Since I’m sure you missed at least one of my Egg Puns, I thought I’d give you one last chance to join in the fun.

After today, I promise not to crack another egg yolk for at least a month.

If I did, it would be a “cheep” shot.

(although i may have a few chicken stories to tell…)

eggs header 2

Egg Puns and Tweets.

Over 40 of the punny-est egg yolks ever.

No shell-fishness hAre. I’m all about sharing some Easter love.

(special thanks to my friend Amy for this contribution!)
You know what the eggs do when the light turns green?  They eggs-ellerate!

Do egg farmers grow eggplants in the garden?

Guess what they call the egg from outerspace.  An EGGStraterrestrial.

Fry-day is an egg’s least favorite day of the week.

The egg-mobile leaves the highway on an eggs-it

You know why the Egg family couldn’t watch tv?  Because their cable was scrambled.

Q:  What is red, pink, and green with yellow all over?  A:  An Easter egg rolling downhill.

If an egg rolls downhill, does that make it an eggroll?
You know what you call a sleeping egg?  Egg-zosted!

You should never tell an Easter egg a good joke because it might crack up.

The Easter egg hid because it was a little chicken.

Q:  What part did the Egg play in the movies?  A:  He was an eggs-tra.

When eggs search the internet, they are looking for an egg-site.

Eggs go to school to get egg-ucated.

So, the egg looked at the clown and said “you crack me up.”

Eggs can’t go outside in the summer because they’re afraid they might fry.

A highly egg-ucated egg would be called an egg-head.

If eggs were in the olympics, would they be good at running?

If you want to make an egg feel good, tell him he’s eggs-tra special.

Q: Why was the father egg so strict?  A: He was hard-boiled.

Eggs are afraid to go out at night because they’d get beat up.

Q: How did the egg roll across the road?  A:  It just rolled.

When eggs tell jokes, are they called yolks?

Q:  How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?  HARE-robics and EGG-zerscise.

Q:  How many Easter eggs can you put in an empty basket?  A:  Only one – after that it’s not empty.

Where does the Easter bunny hide his treasure?  EGGs marks the spot.

Q:  Why did the Easter bunny cross the road?  A:  Because the chicken had his eggs.

Chick this out: I’m EGGs-cited about today’s post.

An egg-stra hot bath will leave you hard-boiled.

This is an egg-strordinaryily bad pun.

I haven’t heard a peep since I started all thes egg yolks.

Are egg puns a cheep shot?

Are you chicken to retweet an egg-stra bad pun?

I’m hatching up some new mischief about eggs.

My egg humor will have you in my clutches.

I’m hopping you like egg yolks for Easter.

Does some bunny think this joke is egg-stra special?

I’m egg-cited about something eggs-traordinary.  But I can’t share a peep about it.

Egg-cellent.  As soon as my chickens hatch I will count them.

Good morning!  I hope you started today sunny side up.  Have an eggs-ellent day.

Good night.  I’m egg-zausted.

 Do you have an egg pun you’d like to add? 

this is a bad egg pun

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  1. Wow, Susan – you have a LOT of those. They are actually kind of funny. I hate to admit that.
    Patty recently posted..What’s For Dinner? (No 67)My Profile

  2. WOW! there are way too many eggs in your tweets.

  3. Hey, you have very funny questions about eggs. 🙂

    I liked this one:
    Q: Why did the Easter bunny cross the road?
    A: Because the chicken had his eggs.

  4. Thank you for sharing this information,,,

  5. egg-shell-ly, I don’t know what cream is good for ‘cracked’ skin

  6. Egg-cellent one liners! Your time was well spent all week long 🙂
    William recently posted..The Wedding – Part IIMy Profile

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