Mothering Mischief – Easter Eggs

mothering mischief easter eggsBefore the Easter bunny arrives and starts spreading Easter Eggs everywhere, I thought I’d share a little Mothering Mischief.

Even if the Easter Bunny skips your house, I strongly suspect this can be applied at your home.

It started a few years back, when Watty was in Kindergarten.   I was, in classic slacker mom fashion, a little unprepared for Easter.  Actually, I was prepared for the important stuff.  I had new shoes.  My kids were wearing something appropriate.  We went to church.  We had dinner with the family.

But around 4 in the afternoon, as we’re driving to our home, I realized I had forgotten something important.

Kids:  Mommy?  When is the Easter Bunny coming to our house?

Uh. Oh.  I had no Easter Baskets.  No candy.  No eggs.  And my kids were suddenly acting like they actually believed a giant six foot rabbit was supposed to visit our yard and deliver candy filled eggs.

Enter Mothering Mischief.

I had my husband stop at the first opportunity.  I told the kids I was going into the Drug Store to go potty and to buy some headache medicine.

(What, it wasn’t a lie.  I did both.)

I also made the world’s fastest trip through the seasonal aisle.  By 4pm on Easter Sunday, the options were underwhelming.  I ended up buying the only plastic eggs they had left, two plastic buckets that were meant for pool toys, two giant chocolate bunnies, and a bag of mixed candy.

On the way home, I realized there was no way I could manage to put the candy INTO the eggs while we were driving down the road.  My kids weren’t that oblivious.

My husband and I spoke in code and whispers, but the rough translation would have been

Him:  What did you get?

Me:  Eggs and Candy, what do you think I got?

The eggs were a cool surprise.  They were glow in the dark eggs that showed up using a special black light flashlight.  If you ever find a kit like this, buy it.  It take hunting for eggs to an entirely new level.

When we got home, my husband shoo’d the kids upstairs to change clothes.  I was supposed to magically stuff three dozen eggs with candy and sneak outside to hide the eggs without the kids noticing.


The eggs were all sealed shut with shrink wrap.  Why do they do that?

I was downstairs, still struggling with the shrink wrap when I heard the kids running down the stairs.  So I thought fast.

Step One:  Walk out the back door and literally THROW the empty Easter Eggs out into the grass.  All 36 of them.

Step Two:  Run around to the front door, place the plastic buckets (aka Easter Baskets for boys) on the porch and ring the doorbell.

Step Three:  Run like heck back around to the backdoor and open it just as the kids are at the front door squealing about the Easter Bunny.

Step Four:  Streak to the downstairs bathroom.  Close the door and catch breath.  Wait until the kids say “where’s mommy.”

Step Five:  Flush.  Open the door and act casual.

look for the special bunny nestAs we started the hunt, I remembered that every single bit of the candy was still in the house, in a bag.

Kids:  Mommy, did the Easter Bunny forget our candy?

Hubby:  No son, you have to find the special bunny nest full of candy.

As I walk with the kids, my husband slips back into the house to grab the candy and make two “bunny nests.”  He slips back, unnoticed.

Me:  Where’s the nest?

Hubby: Front yard.

The kids found all 36 eggs without leaving the backyard.  But my husband was in rare form that day.

Me:  How are you getting the kids to the front yard?

Him:  Watch and learn.

He took two handfuls of eggs out of their baskets when they weren’t looking.  Then he proceeds to saunter to the front yard, dropping an egg every few feet.  When he circled back around, he casually says

Hey look, isn’t that another egg?

The kids spotted the egg and followed the trail to their bunny nests.  They were happy about the candy, but disappointed that the hunt was over.

The coolest thing?  It wasn’t over.  My husband slipped yet more eggs out of their baskets and repeated the procedure.

We did it SIX more times.  We kept looping around the house until well after dark.  (remember, i said they were special glow in the dark eggs.)

The kids had so much fun that they never even noticed that they didn’t get any candy that year.

What tale of mothering mischief can you share?


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  1. Ha! If I don’t purchase something soon, I will be borrowing this plan of yours!

  2. Best holiday story ever. Seriously, I LOVED reading this!! 🙂 And I am now devastated that we will not have glow in the dark eggs!
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #384: The UroClubMy Profile

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