What is in my bag of tricks

my bag of tricksSince I’m at Blissdom starting today, I thought I’d share what is in my bag of tricks.

Yep, I’m dumping my tote bag on the bed and showing you what I’m willing to carry around all day.

(this was an entrance requirement for blissdom – honest.  no, seriously, i’ve seen a ton of posts on the subject lately and assumed it was a requirement for my gold ninja blogging badge.)

But since it’s me, you know I can’t do this the normal way.  You know there’s some snark in here somewhere.

(my computer keeps trying to auto correct Blissdom as “blossom” but my phone has other ideas.  it keeps suggesting “bellini” – a cocktail made with champagne.  my phone knows me well.)

Here’s the obligatory photo of what I’m wearing today.  Based on extensive research, I’ve determined that failing to post this photo will result in my blogging credentials being revoked.

(extensive research = ten whole minutes of googling plus and additional hour on Pinterest.  I um, may have a pinterest problem.)

What I think I'm wearing today

And here’s my tote bag.


I love this bag.  It’s on sale right now for half price.

You can get one too.

(there are links in this post that I may benefit from.  clicking on them will make me happy.)

(no, seriously.  i may derive a small financial benefit.)

I sell this bag through Thirty-One.  All their bags are awesome.  They’re designed by a mom, and it shows.  Everything just FITS in these bags.

Feel free to order this bag through my thirty-one store.

If you want it at half price, you order something else at full price that totals $31 or more, and then order this one at half price.  (the special price has an “S” at the end of the part number.)

I promise not to bug you again after this post. (for at least six months)

What’s in the bag?

Almost everything in there is from Thirty-One.

I may have a slight problem.  Or not.

I love my phone case.

I ordered the phone case from Amazon.  You know if you click on my Amazon links I get a tiny percentage of what you purchase, right?  It’s not much, but it helps buy my coffee.

I’ve had it since September and it still does it’s job.  I’ve dropped my phone countless times without a problem.  I keep my keys on a cute lanyard that fits around my wrist (guess where it’s from) and stick my phone in my pocket.  That means I don’t carry a purse when I go to the grocery store.

Love that.

The next bag of tricks?

Stuff I have just for being at a conference.

I don’t normally walk around with a box of business cards (they’re from Moo and I love them even though I am not an affiliate.)

The notebook is cute and functional.  I don’t carry a laptop around with me when I’m in workshops.  I type 120 words a minute, but I still find that I’m happier taking notes with a pen and paper.  Crazy, but true.

My makeup bag goes with me everywhere.

Unless I’m in the grocery store.

I’m a minimalist.  What can I say?  Aveda powder, Burt’s Bees lip balm, a mirror, some hand lotion in a bar, basic mascara, and my tweezers.

I’m obsessed with the tweezers.  I have a second set in the car.  And a third set by the nightstand.  And another in the bathroom.

I have one hair on my chin – the kind that grows an inch overnight.  I live in fear of someone seeing the chin hair.  I have dreams about the hair.

The next bags make me squeal.

they match

They are from Thirty-One.  Look at how the pattern matches my business cards!  (and my Twitter background, and my Facebook timeline art).   How cute is this?

(I also have one of the awesome Utility Totes from 31 in the same pattern.  Yes, it’s in my hotel room.  Yes, you can see it if you’re here at Blissdom with me.)

(yes, i’m being a dork)

I think it was meant to be.  sigh….

My office bag

This goes with me almost everywhere.  Particularly the Mophie.

If you haven’t heard of Mophie, you’re going to love it.  It holds enough juice to recharge my cell phone THREE TIMES.  I can also use it to run an iPad or Kindle HD.  Or basically anything that can charge via USB.

I use it multiple times a week.  I’m not kidding.

(clicking on that might result in me having more coffee to drink.)

My office bag also holds a selection of colored pens, post-it note sized lists, and some cables.  The Mophie shares a cable with my Kindle Fire.  Love that.

The glittering thing is a USB flash drive.  Just because I’m a geek doesn’t mean I’m not girly.

The really short pink cable means that the Mophie and my iPhone can be in my pocket or purse together without a huge long cable.  It’s perfect.

My File Bag

The last bag is my file bag.  It will hold regular sized file folders with papers in them.

Right now I’m using it to carry (what else) some catalogs and flyers for Thirty One.

That’s what’s in my bag.

in the bag

Well, almost.  I also am carrying my Striiv pedometer, my Kindle Fire HD, and some Altoids.

(i am not giving an affiliate link to the Altoids.  I could, but that would just be in bad…. wait for it… taste.)

I’ll probably have a bottle of water in there at some point.

It has room for whatever I pick up along the way today as I shop. Honest.

 (apparently, even the gold ninja blogging badge.  but i’ve been told i may have made that part up.)

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  1. Okay, I would be screaming with laughter if I weren’t already in bed next to my sleeping man. (Of course he snores like someone just started the Batmobile but that wouldn’t stop him from waking if I so much as giggle…sigh)

    Good LORD! Is EVERY woman I know (or don’t know, apparently) online (who is not in her ninth month of pregnancy) at Blissdom? I’m seething, I tell you, seething with jealousy!

    Did they really make you do this for a blog post? Goodness!
    Cynthia recently posted..Tar Pit TendenciesMy Profile

    • So apparently you and your husband are at the hotel in the room next to me because WHOEVER is next door is driving the Batmobile.

      I wouldn’t say that they exactly MADE me do this post. No one was standing over me with a gun or anything. It was just strongly suggested if I want that gold level blogging ninja badge. I strongly suspect that badge doesn’t exist – I think it was a vicious rumor started by all the fashion bloggers to shame us into dressing better.

  2. You have a LOT of good stuff in that bag! Have fun at Blissdom.
    Patty recently posted..Planner Fail or Patty FailMy Profile

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