If you decide to garden…

if you decide to put in a spring gardenI thought about a spring garden this week, but then I realized it could be dangerous.

Yes, you heard it hear first.  Gardening can be dangerous to your health.

Particularly if it involves gardening with the family, like I’d be doing this week while the kids are on spring break.

So before you take advantage of all the free labor you have available for pulling weeds and hauling big bags of mulch, Consider the risks of spring gardening.

Don’t believe me?  Just listen to my cautionary tale.  It’s inspired by a mouse and cookie.

If you decide to garden…

  1.  If you decide to garden, your husband will be sweaty.

your husband will be sweaty

  1. Your kids will be sweaty too.  When they get hot in sweaty, your kids will drink from the water hose.

they will drink from the water hose3. If they drink from the water hose, they will play in the water.

they will play in the water

  1.  When they play in the water, they will make mud.

water makes mud


  1.  When they make mud, the frogs will come out.  Slimy, icky frogs.  Your children will find the frogs.

they will find frogs6.  When they find frogs, they will also find snakes.  Nasty slimy snakes.

they will find snakes


  1.  When they find snakes, your sweaty husband will pick them up to show your kids.

your husband will pick the snake up

  1.  If your husband shows your boys a snake, they will want to touch it.  Your husband will let them.

they will touch the snake


  1.  When the nasty filthy snake touches your precious sweet child, you will scream like a girl.


  1.  And when you scream like a girl, your nasty sweaty husband will want to give you a hug.

give me a hug

That’s the end of my story. See? Gardening can be dangerous.

the end

Just for the sake of pin-ability, here’s the story one more time.

when you work on a spring garden

Have a great day!

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  1. You had me worrying there for a moment… but then, oh, the laughs! Thankfully I do not have much to worry about, as my “garden” is just three pots on a window! No need for helping hands there.
    OM recently posted.."A" is for…My Profile

    • My garden honestly consists of a giant patch of weeds and a neglected and overgrown rosemary bush. I’m hoping I can fix that soon, but NOT with any extra helping hands. 🙂

  2. Oh, boy! That’s exactly why I don’t garden. Well, the snake part, anyway. I HATE snakes. When we moved to our current home, we had some snakes in the house! I was not a happy camper. So I avoid snakes whenever possible.
    Patty recently posted..Mrs. Field’s CookiesMy Profile

  3. {Melinda} Your posts just keep getting better and better. Yes, it is easier to just do it ourselves, but then you wouldn’t have witty blog posts or amusing (although snake and frog-filled) adventures with your kiddos, right? 🙂
    Mothering From Scratach recently posted..adjusting to the force of motherhoodMy Profile

    • The frog and mud adventure is my favorite part of gardening. That and the time Watty decided to eat the broccoli before it was even removed from the plant. But I can do without the snakes. I had so much fun writing this post and reliving some past gardening adventures. I love it when writing is FUN. 🙂

  4. Haha! Witty, funny, and worthy of a *sigh*. I love your sense of humor. Admittedly, there’s a lot of nuisance with gardening that I’d rather skip, like the snakes. Frogs aren’t too bad, but they attract snakes, so I guess frogs are just as bad. Your post has reminded me how gardening can bring a family closer together. I so love the simplicity, the humor, and obviously the love you put into this post! Great job!
    Yuna recently posted..DIY Landscaping Ideas and Projects for your Home GardenMy Profile

  5. If you decide to garden you will enjoy it. It is so fun to create your on little garden, what an accomplishment it would be.

  6. Landscaping is great for the whole family. Landscaping adds value to home. A yard with no character is a dull one at that.

  7. Thanks for the funny little picture story thought it might turn out different with the snakes and all. lol

  8. I enjoy reading your blogs, especially the cautionary tale. The images attached was nice and the child catch a lot of my attention. Anyways, thanks for sharing this blog. Its funny and interesting to read.

  9. ha, the little tikes look like they were at least pulling their weight! nothing like some free labor.

  10. Haha! That was an awesome read with some great pictures. These are definitely some of the dangers associated with starting a garden. But I feel like you might’ve enjoyed it more than you let on!

  11. Truly this demonstration is awesome and I’ve great time while reading. Gardening is quite tough. I’ve been doing gardening above my home roof because city where I live not have enough good environment to garden front or backward. I really like the spring garden idea you’ve provided along with those amazing pictures. Thanks.

  12. What an awesome story about gardening. So what did you name the snake? This post put a smile on my face. Thank you

  13. Good reason to leave the gardening to the professionals!
    William recently posted..The Wedding – Part IIMy Profile

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