Spring Break Survival Tips

It’s mid-way through spring break for us and I’m still here.   And while we’re still on a zero budget stay-cation, at least my husband has lifted the screen ban.

For those of you who are mentally counting the hours until your kids are back in school, I wanted to offer a few tips to help you make it through the week in style.

Top 10 Spring Break Survival Tips

spring break survival tips

(be sure and scroll down to see my #1 best spring break tip of all time)

1.  Schedule a “bad mommy day” – for just one day give them all the sugar poofy marshmallow cereal and pop tarts they want.  Leave them in their PJ’s all day.  Give them unlimited time with a new video game.  Order pizza for dinner.  Neglect to put them to bed.  (important – this is for ONE day! not the whole blooming week.)

2.  Find a local festival or carnival.  Here is Houston, most of my friends are making their way to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at least once this week.  Not for the rodeo!  They are all going to the part with all the carnival rides and fried goods.

3.  Play tourist, at least for one day.  Make a day trip to the beach or the zoo or the mountains or the museum.  Just getting everyone out of the house will do a world of good.

4.  Schedule a lunch date.  For YOU.  It’s not too late.  Meet up with another mom and chat while your kids run amuck in the sandpit.  You need moral support and an adult conversation.  Even if it’s the fast food playscape, it’s worth it for the chance to talk to another adult.  (if you refuse to eat fast food, you can normally order bottled water or some other tolerable snack option to “rent” the playscape off hours.)

5.  Set the timer and spend 15 minutes on Pinterest.  Find a new crazy thing to do with your kids.  It could be indoors or out.  It could be a new chore system, a science experiment, a craft, or a recipe.  Get them involved if possible.  You can then spend HOURS planning and preparing for the new thing.  Repeat as needed.

6.  Put a snack station in the refrigerator.  Put another one in a basket on the counter.  Trust me, it’s just easier this way.

7.  At least once this week, let them build blanket forts and play with flashlights.  If you let them strip the sheets of the beds for their blanket fort, then you have the PERFECT opportunity to teach them how to then put the sheets in the washer.  And the dryer.  And back on the bed.

8.  Use your crockpot.  Our dinner tonight is lucky chicken.  It’s four bone in chicken breasts with whatever vegetables and seasonings the kids decide to put in there.  I have no idea if it will be edible.  Yes, our backup plan is pizza.

9.  Bribe shamelessly.  Pay them for chores.  Give them a buck to read a book for ten minutes.  This works best if you refuse to buy them stuff at the store and insist that they use their own money.  (funny, my kids didn’t want that toy nearly as much when earning it involved scooping the cat box.)

10. Farm them out.  Swap playdates with a friend.  Send them to your moms.  Schedule for them to have a lunch date with your husband (without you).  Do whatever you need to do.  The point is to get a few hours of peace.  Then use that time to talk to God and recharge your batteries.

Best spring break tip ever?

go play with your kids

Go play with your kids.

Whatever sounds they are making are WAY less annoying when you make them too.  Whatever mess they get into is much more fun if you help make it.  Whatever trouble they are getting into is much safer if you join in the mischief.

Mom, go start the water balloon fight today.   (or for my northern friends – snowball fight)

What’s your best spring break survival tip?

spring break survival ideas



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Go play with your kids.  Whatever sounds they are making are WAY less annoying when you make them too.  Whatever mess they get into is much more fun if you help make it.  Whatever trouble they are getting into is much safer if you join in the mischief.



spring break survival tips

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  1. Our spring break just started today (my boys only get 3 days this year) and we are having the at-home, video game all day one. We’ll see if my sanity will last the day 🙂 Thankfully, we’re supposed to have nicer weather Thursday and Friday so I’ll make them go hike the trails around one of our free nature centers in the area.
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