My Kids Make Me Laugh – Pink Pony Sparkles

My kids make me laugh, and in the case of the pink pony sparkle story it was even on cue.

I wanted to dedicate an entire week to pink, but I was rather stumped on a story about my kids making me laugh that involved “pink” in any way shape or form.

I was musing the subject as I was making dinner for my youngest son (the other one was still sick and not interested in food.)

And then, the magic happened.

my kids make me laugh about pink pony sparkles

GoGo wanted a bag of chips to go with his dinner.

(what, you don’t let your kids eat chips for dinner? Not even when it’s cheese and ham on crackers with yogurt and fruit for side dishes?)

GoGo: I’m still hungry.
Me: What do you want?
GoGo: I can’t tell you, because you’ll say no.

(ouch! How sad is it that my kid thinks my default answer is no.)

Me: How do you know? I might just say yes.
GoGo: I want some of those green chips.

(green chips would be his name for sour cream and onion potato chips. hey are his favorite flavor, and I had just purchased a jumbo bag of individually packaged chips for school lunches this week.)

Me: You mean the chips I hung on your chair?
GoGo: Yes!
Me: Go ahead. Get some.
GoGo: (giggling) I can’t. I can’t open the bag. Only someone with super mommy powers can open that bag.

(ok, I know I was being sucked in by the cuteness, but can you blame me?)

Me: Here, look. This is how you open them.

GoGo: I can’t do it. I would have to have pink pony sparkle powers to open that bag!

pink sparkles

(tada! Pink. He said pink! It’s a funny story and he said the word pink. All systems are go for pink week.)

Me: Pink Pony Sparkle Powers?
GoGo: Yes! Super mommy pink pony super sparkle powers. All mommys have those.

take your power seriously

So there you have it.

If you’re a mom, then apparently you share in the super secret pink pony super sparkle powers.

Use them wisely my friend.

Pink pony super sparkle powers are not to be taken lightly. You can use them to open a giant bag of chips.

Have I told you that my kids make me laugh?

They do.  All.the.time.

What have you used your super secret pink pony super sparkle powers for today?

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  1. {Kathy} Here are few things that only such powers can do: find shoes, find the jar of Nutella in the pantry, wipe counters properly in the kitchen, find a towel when they are in the shower already…..oh and cut the crusts off of sandwiches. Kapow!
    Mothering From Scratch recently to shake up 10 boring tasks of motherhoodMy Profile

    • Kapow! I think mine must be what enables me to go from PJ’s to dressed-for-surpise-volunteer-day in less than five minutes today.

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