Mothering Mischief – Pink TV

If you haven’t figured out by now, I practice Mothering Mischief on a regular basis.

As I shared last week in a guest post on Mothering From Scratch, tapping into that mischievous and creative side of mothering just works for me.

Last week, one of my boys had earned himself a television free day or two.

(not completely tv free, he could still watch pink tv)

The crime had involved his growing obsession with a certain television show and my unwillingness to drop everything and instantly help him get his “fix.”

So the ban was appropriate. It fit the crime.

pink tv

Screen Bans

In my house, screen bans come in several flavors.

  • Def Con 1: You can still watch TV in the car and play limited video games. If you’re lucky, you might squeeze in some “pink tv” time. (Alternately, I ban video games and still allow television. It depends on the situation.)
  • Def Con 2: Your only screen time is a 30-minute snuggle while watching “pink tv” before bed.
  • Def Con 3: The only thing you’re watching is the countdown on the microwave.

We were at Def Con 1 because I had my hands full of with a sick child (the other one) and needed somewhere to go if the boy’s attitude continued.

So he was entitled to “pink tv.”

screen bans and pink tv

Pink TV

I get a bit mischievousPink television means that mommy gets to watch mommy shows. If you don’t like them, you can go read a book.

Normally, I stick to shows that the boys can tolerate. Cooking shows go over relatively well, as do most science and travel shows.

But when I’d really rather that the kids read a book, I get a bit mischievous.

Pink Cartoons

I find myself suddenly wanting to watch all the Tinkerbelle and Barbie movies.

Oh my word! You should see my boys scatter when I do that. They can’t get out of the room fast enough.

They’re afraid that some magic pink sparkly cootie dust is going to fly out of the television screen. (that part might not be true, I’ve never asked them. But you get the picture, right?)

Pink Movies

When I think they need to sleep, I’ve been known to have a sudden desire to watch an old musical. There’s one in particular that’s famous for putting them to sleep every time they watch it.

(Probably because I used to sing the songs from it to them as they drifted off to sleep as infants.)

My husband isn’t a big fan of pink cartoon movies or old musicals (at least not that one), so when he’s home I have to change my strategy.

I tried the obvious stuff – gossip shows, romantic comedies, and the like. He either gets into watching them or manages to ignore them.

But I’ve discovered that a good marathon of public television crafting shows works every time.

It’s just a little mothering mischief.

mothering mischief - pink televisionBecause I’m the mom, and I can.

What are your ideas for “pink television?” Would it work in your house?


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  1. {Melinda} This is my favorite post of yours of all time!! I LOVE “pink tv”!!! Going to use this on my son. His. worst. nightmare. Perhaps it will spur all kinds of wonderfully benevolent behavior in my house! 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..MOMtor monday: a season for everythingMy Profile

    • Melinda, I have to give some credit for the idea to my sister. She put her kids on a strict screen limit with the exception of educational stuff. That’s where I first started thinking about being able to ban the kids from just certain types of viewing (nothing animated).

      I have no idea what I would do in an all girl household. Sometimes, being a boy mom has advantages.

  2. {Kathy} THIS is a riot. I had to pipe in. When you are this creative, kids don’t know what to do. I love it. Managing screen time is a constant for kids these days. My favorite technique was a radical idea from my husband. He confiscates the power cord (the one that goes from the device to the outlet) for any “problem” device. It’s a very frustrating experience for the child—and that’s ok.

    • Hmm… I haven’t had to take the power cord yet. I control all chargers – mostly because mine can’t figure out how to attach stuff without breaking it. It has the side benefit of giving me control over their electronic devices. It’s hard to play with something that you drained the battery on. Until the past six months, my kids showed no interest in mastering the remote, so controlling their viewing was easy. I’ll file your idea away for when the time comes (and I know it will!)

      I have a friend who changes the wireless access password. That messes up almost everything for her kids. She changes it back when their rooms are clean and the homework is done.

  3. I cannot tell you how much I love this. OMG…the pink tv is so, so great. Your brand of maternal mischief is fantastic. I LOVE IT!!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..This Should Get Us On Oprah!My Profile

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