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Way too many Tweets about Eggs and Egg Puns

My week of silly egg puns is almost over.

But if you want more, you can check out the archives.  I have almost a DOZEN posts of eggy goodness.   They are all collected on an single page for your enjoyment.  Go look.  It includes free printables for lunchbox notes (or whatever mischief you might want to get into).   

Since I’m sure you missed at least one of my Egg Puns, I thought I’d give you one last chance to join in the fun.

After today, I promise not to crack another egg yolk for at least a month.

If I did, it would be a “cheep” shot.

(although i may have a few chicken stories to tell…)

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Mothering Mischief – Easter Eggs

mothering mischief easter eggsBefore the Easter bunny arrives and starts spreading Easter Eggs everywhere, I thought I’d share a little Mothering Mischief.

Even if the Easter Bunny skips your house, I strongly suspect this can be applied at your home.

It started a few years back, when Watty was in Kindergarten.   I was, in classic slacker mom fashion, a little unprepared for Easter.  Actually, I was prepared for the important stuff.  I had new shoes.  My kids were wearing something appropriate.  We went to church.  We had dinner with the family.

But around 4 in the afternoon, as we’re driving to our home, I realized I had forgotten something important.

Kids:  Mommy?  When is the Easter Bunny coming to our house?

Uh. Oh.  I had no Easter Baskets.  No candy.  No eggs.  And my kids were suddenly acting like they actually believed a giant six foot rabbit was supposed to visit our yard and deliver candy filled eggs.

Enter Mothering Mischief. [Read more…]

Blissdom Bliss for Non-Bloggers #5club

blissdom bliss for non bloggers

I had an awesome and amazing time at Blissdom and I came back with ton of stuff I wanted to share – my Blissdom Bliss

My blogging friends have asked me what I learned, and I can’t blame them.

But I also remember what it felt like to read these kind of posts when I didn’t have my own blog.  I felt left out.  I wanted to just move on to the next post because I didn’t see why I should care.

So here’s the deal.

Most of what I learned applies to EVERYONE – not just bloggers and social media junkies.

(besides, if i don’t tell you how amazing it was, then i can’t possibly meet you in person at a future blossom event and hug your neck, right? i promise – i’ll put blogger or social media specific stuff in it’s own section where the rest of you can ignore it.)

So over the next few weeks, I’m planning on sharing some Blissdom bliss posts on a random basis.

The very first speaker I heard at Blissdom was [Read more…]

Bunnies and Eggs

Nothing serious – just a few of my favorite jokes about bunnies and eggs today.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I have this weird fascination with really bad egg puns.

I find them EGGS-traordinary.

I am EGGS-eedingly attracted to them.

I know it’s a bit EGGS-intric.

I can’t help it.  They crack me up.  No… really, I love these yolks.

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It All Started With A Sucker (An Easter Story)

It All Started With A Sucker: An Easter StoryI’m excited about  “It all started with a sucker (an Easter Story).”

It’s a long story.  It’s about Easter, even the parts where I talk about American Flags and Nativity Sets and Chic-Fil-A.

If you get lost somewhere in the middle, just remember that I waited to tell the story until I could end it with something beautiful.

I waited to share the story until it came full circle and could point back to Easter.  I wanted to be able to say

And then, it’s beautiful.

At the very end, I do.

I struggle with Easter Candy.

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Why I’m not crafting Easter Eggs (MOMtor Monday)

no easter eggs for meI’m not planning any Easter Egg crafts with my kids this week.

We have a ton of ways that we’ll be celebrating Easter, but crafts involving bunnies, eggs, plastic grass, or colorful candy just aren’t on our list.

I adore seeing all those cute crafts on Pinterest.  There’s nothing wrong with them.  They just aren’t for me.

I’m dishing one of my deep dark secrets as a mom over at Mothering From Scratch today.

momtor monday: the art of facing reality

MOMtor MondayIf you want to know more about my non-craftiness (like the day my husband confiscated my glue gun) you’ll need to sign up for my Newsletter.

Since it’s egg week, I’ll be posting lots of eggy fun on Facebook and Twitter (and maybe Instagram too).  You seriously don’t want to miss it.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for an Easter-themed edition of “My Kids Make Me Laugh.”  I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to share this story with you!

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Thankful Thoughts – Eggs

thankful thoughts eggsJust when you thought it was safe, I’m back…. writing thankful thoughts about eggs.



Seriously, you didn’t think I’d let Easter week pass by without at least some passing mention of eggs.  Did you?

I wrote an entire series on eggs.  It was egg-sellent fun.  Remember?  I’m not egg-saggerating.  It was an entire week of bad egg puns and yolks about eggs.  And ever since then, I’ve been planning this week.

Son of Egg.  Egg Junior.  The return of the bad egg.  Eggs 2: the sequel.

So I thought I’d start with a few thoughts on how wonderful eggs are.

Thankful thoughts on eggs [Read more…]

Top Nine Things I’m Learning At Blissdom

what i've learned at blissdom so farI’m learning a ton at Blissdom this week.  It’s huge and overwhelming and there are things I want to change right this minute.  But the conference isn’t even over.  I need the dust to settle.

I promise I won’t post endlessly* about my fabulous blogging conference and all the free stuff… blah blah blah.  I know not all of you are bloggers and don’t even care.

edited:  I’m continuing to post what I’ve learned at Blissdom.  The next post dishes on Jon Acuff’s #5club event.  Go look!

(but if i’m honest, i’m most excited about the new grape-apple flavor of GoGo squeeZ i’m bringing home for my kids.)

But if you’ve ever been ANY kind of conference, I think you’ll find this funny.  Honest.

(Since 33% of this list is about smart-phones, it means I really did do an entire week of posts devoted to my phone.  I bet you thought I couldn’t do it.)

Top Nine Things I’m Learning at Blissdom (so far) [Read more…]

Five Minute Friday – REMEMBER

five minute fridayIt’s Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker at The Gypsy Mama.  Five minutes of free writing flash mob goodness.

If you aren’t familiar, the rules are simple.  Lisa-Jo Baker gives a single word writing prompt every Friday.   Each of us have five minutes to write and post.  No editing, no second guessing, no fancy stuff.  Just plain writing – straight from the heart. (click HERE for the official rules and details).  Then we go visit other participants and shower them with comment love.

Last week, the word was REST

This week, the word is REMEMBER. [Read more…]

What is in my bag of tricks

my bag of tricksSince I’m at Blissdom starting today, I thought I’d share what is in my bag of tricks.

Yep, I’m dumping my tote bag on the bed and showing you what I’m willing to carry around all day.

(this was an entrance requirement for blissdom – honest.  no, seriously, i’ve seen a ton of posts on the subject lately and assumed it was a requirement for my gold ninja blogging badge.)

But since it’s me, you know I can’t do this the normal way.  You know there’s some snark in here somewhere.

(my computer keeps trying to auto correct Blissdom as “blossom” but my phone has other ideas.  it keeps suggesting “bellini” – a cocktail made with champagne.  my phone knows me well.)

Here’s the obligatory photo of what I’m wearing today.  Based on extensive research, I’ve determined that failing to post this photo will result in my blogging credentials being revoked.

(extensive research = ten whole minutes of googling plus and additional hour on Pinterest.  I um, may have a pinterest problem.) [Read more…]

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