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my kids make me laugh 2My kids make me laugh, but sometimes they don’t even understand why.

Both my kids are obsessed with science stuff and math.  They like large numbers.  They’re competitive about adding stuff up.

We encourage this.  We’re hoping it translates to well paying jobs when they grow up.

But sometimes… they get mixed up.

Sometimes, my third grader thinks he knows more than he actually does.  That’s fine when he’s talking to a grown up that can correct him.  But it’s not so good when he’s “teaching” the first grader.

GoGo:  Watty, how much does air weigh?

Watty:  Oh, that’s easy.

(they were in the backseat while i was “chauffeuring” them around.  but as usual i was eavesdropping.)

Watty:   Air is really light, right?

GoGo:  Yes.  I know that part.

Watty:  So air weighs less than a pound.

(oh.  this is going to be good.)

GoGo:  Definitely less than a pound.

Watty:  In fact, air weighs exactly one more than 75% of a pound.

GoGo:  (silence)

Me:  Actually, honey, that’s not quite right.

Watty:  Hush mommy, I wasn’t talking to YOU.  I was talking to GoGo.

At this point I decided I needed reinforcements.  After I corrected my children’s rude behavior, and pulled up to a stop light, I texted my husband.

my kids make me laugh about scienceMe:  How much does air weigh?

Hubby:  13 cu ft = 1 lb

(to my husband’s credit, he didn’t even ask why.  he just answered my question without comment.  he knows me.  since he’s an engineer, i knew he’d have a precise answer.  and i love that he didn’t feel the need to give me a bigger explanation and trusted me to understand his answer.)

Watty:  As I was saying, air weighs exactly one more than 75% of a pound.

GoGo:  What does that mean?

Watty:  Just think of it as 76% of a pound.  That should be close enough.

I’d been told not to interrupt.  So I didn’t.  All I could do was sit in the front seat and laugh as I drove down the road.

My Kids Make Me Laugh!

Because we’re science geek kind of people, we couldn’t leave it alone.

Later that week, I had an opportunity to reteach.

Me:  Watty, how much does water weigh?

Watty:  Water is heavy.  It weighs about 10 pounds.

We proceded to put a single serve bottle of water on the kitchen scale.  Then we put a one gallon jug of water on the same scale (more than eight pounds).  Obviously, the gallon weighed more than the 16 ounce bottle.

Of course, then my son wanted to know how you would go about actually weighing air.  He was convinced that scientists just guessed at their answer because there wasn’t a way to actually measure it.  In that case, his guess was just as valid as theirs.

I pity my son’s science teacher (remember, this is the same woman that he brought bones to earlier this year).

How have your kids made YOU laugh today?  I’d love to know.

ps – I can’t remember the story behind the “in your face, lizards” comment.  One of the kids said it, but that’s all I can remember.

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