My Kids Make Me Laugh: Beans

It’s Tuesday, my kids make me laugh, and I promised to tell you the second half of the bean story.

The best part of the whole thing is when my kids realize just how mischievous I really am.

If you recall from yesterday’s post on beans, my picky child refused to eat my (very tasty and frugal) homemade refried beans. Instead, he insisted on saying the ones from a restaurant were better.

Me:  GoGo, WHICH restaurant is better?

GoGo:  All of them. I don’t like your beans.

After I pressed them on the subject, both of my kids actually did have a favorite refried bean restaurant.  

my kids make me laugh about beans

Watty claimed to favor the bean and cheese tacos from a local drive through establishment (let’s call it Taco House).

GoGo claimed to favor the bean and cheese tacos from a restaurant that is close to our old house but a good 20 miles from our house now.  We drive back about twice a month because we like the food. Call it Mr E’s (the reason for which is an entirely separate post.)

Yesterday, I drove to Taco House and Mr E’s.

Before I left the house yesterday morning, I started a pot of pinto beans in the crockpot. I had a delightful lunch at Mr E’s and bought beans and tortillas while I was there. I stopped by the grocery store for fresh tortillas, and then drove through Taco House before picking the kids up from school.

This was not a casual event.

While I was at the grocery store, I also picked up the pre-cut foil squares that they use to wrap tacos.

Before dinner, I set my trap.

I grated the cheese and transformed my pinto beans into refried beans. I made sure all the beans were in identical bowls and all about the same temperature.

Then I called my boys to dinner.

Taco 1:  Mr E’s tortilla + my beans

I wrapped them in foil and it looked just like what they get at a restaurant.

Both boys ate them without saying a thing.

(My husband and I are trying not to say anything.  We’re making eye contact and trying not to laugh.  My husband has no idea which beans are which and he is mouthing “this one?” as he points at the various bowls.)

Taco 2:  Grocery store tortilla + their favorite beans

I tried to make GoGo a taco with Mr E’s beans.

GoGo:  Wait!  Are those the same beans you made the first taco with?

Me: No…

GoGo:  I want the first beans.  They were yummy.

Watty:  Me too!

(At this point, my husband is on taco #4.  He clearly prefers my beans to anything else but he THINKS he is eating Mr E’s beans.  I’m trying so hard not to laugh that tears are running down my cheeks.)

Taco 3: The Reveal

After two tacos, GoGo says he’s done and tries to leave the table.

Me:  Don’t you want one of Mr E’s tortillas? I figured you would want to make a tortilla face.

GoGo:  What? Mr E’s?!?

Me:  Yep.  I went to Mr E’s and bought tortillas today.

GoGo:  Gimme!

While he was munching the tortilla, I casually asked him if he wanted to try the other beans to tell me which was best.

GoGo:  NO!

Hubby:  One taste of each bean.

GoGo takes a reluctant bite of Mr E’s beans – it was about the size of a seed bead. He takes a similar, slightly larger bite of the Taco House beans. Then he takes a huge bite of the homemade beans.

He points to *MY* beans and says they’re best.

Me:  So you don’t like Mr E’s beans?

GoGo:  What!  We have Mr E beans?  Where?

I pointed to the right bowl.

Me:  Right there – the ones you refused to even taste.

GoGo:  That’s not fair!  You didn’t tell me what they were!

My husband had both kids taste a normal sized spoonful of each bean.  Watty actually preferred the Taco House beans over mine, but he loyally said that he’d eat my refried beans again happily.

GoGo stuck to his guns.

Even when he was faced with all the evidence, he wouldn’t admit defeat.

Hubby:  So you like Mommy’s beans?

GoGo:  I’m not answering that.

Me:  Will you eat my beans next time?

GoGo:  I’m not answering that either. You tricked me! It wasn’t fair.  I would have picked Mr E’s beans if you told me what they were.

Then his eyes got big and his hands flew up over his mouth. He knew what he’d just admitted.

It was a ton of work, but it was worth it. It was worth all the running around and extra dishes. It is worth the leftover refried bean lunches I’ll be eating this week.

I’ve never had so much fun making refried beans.

But most importantly, my son learned something about himself. He won’t admit it, but there was a huge life lesson for him.

He also learned that his momma is way sneakier and more mischievous than he could have possibly imagined and that he can’t outsmart me.

For more ideas on living with passion and purpose, check out this post titled P IS FOR PASSION.

being a mischievous mom rocks

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  1. I’ll post the refried bean recipe after I make the beans again. I’ve made them so often I don’t normally measure anything.
    susan recently posted..Fertilization and Ice Cream – My Kids Make Me LaughMy Profile

  2. Love, love, love this! You go girl! Muy bien, senora! Muy bien!
    Amy Ward recently posted..BelovedMy Profile

    • Gracia chica! It felt really good to get a clear victory in the ongoing battle of wills. My kids make me laugh, and last night it was the evil laugh of glee. 🙂

  3. I guess I’ll be waiting for your recipe. I,um, thought refried beans came out of a can. I have my picky eater rate foods (think chicken nuggets get 20/20 and my chicken gets 8/20) but never thought to do a taste testing of them.
    Jean recently posted..Returning to a RoutineMy Profile

    • I tried using the canned refried beans and they were a no-go. They are nowhere as good as the beans from Mr E’s. Even when I doctored them up, they just didn’t taste right to us.

      I think the key to a home taste testing is to make sure the child doesn’t know which is what. If they KNOW what came out of a paper bag then I think they’d go for that every time. (eye roll)

      As for chicken nuggets – I give up. I’ve tried making them at home and it was way more complicated than it was worth to make them taste right. I keep grilled chicken breasts in the freezer and give them grilled chicken instead. When they drown it in ranch dressing it seems to satisfy them just as well. Half the time mine pull the breading off the nuggets and just each the “nugget innards” anyway.

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