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The Year Amazon Saved Christmas

It should be no secret that I love Amazon.

I’ve shared how I love their Prime program for the free shipping and video streaming.

I have a devotion to my Kindle that is embarrassing.

But I haven’t shared year that they saved Christmas for me.

(yes, i use them for a ton of my Christmas shopping every year. but this was different.)

When the boys were both in pre-school, there was the “sick year.” [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts – Homework

Thankful Thoughts ChristmasIt’s Sunday evening and I’m just now able to put my thankful thoughts in writing.

They’ve been there most of the day, but it’s been a whirlwind weekend filled with family, pre-holiday drama, friends, church… the typical insanity.

Today, I’m thankful for homework.

It’s not even the normal daily homework that our third grader brings home.  It’s a special project, and I’m thankful for it.

He gets to be “Texan of the Week” this week, and that means he had a special project. [Read more…]

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Happy Sharpie Day!

sharpie day from thishappymom.comAs far as I know, Sharpie Day is not an official holiday.I’m not even certain that the folks that sell Sharpie markers know about it. But they should.

I first hinted about Sharpie Day in a guest post for Mothering From Scratch. The very first year we were married, I went straight from Bride-zilla to Holiday-zilla. Remember? Something about hand-embossed menus. [Read more…]

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Christmas Music Program = Parental Shame

December always includes a Christmas Music Program for one or both of my kids.  It’s been that way for years, so you think I’d be used to it.

Last night, I sat there crocheting for a full 90 minutes for a K-12 program filled with Christmas cheer.

It was kind of disappointing.  There were no moments of parental shame.   There was not a single moment worthy of a funny video clip show.   It was just an endless stream of well dressed, well behaved school kids performing Christmas songs.  They were even (mostly) on key.

That’s a huge contrast.

I’m used to wishing the floor would open up and swallow me, right there in the audience.

I’m used to parental shame.

Christmas Music Program Shame. [Read more…]

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The Dirty Truth about the Litter Box

Litter Box - Christmas photoI hate changing the litter box.  You would not believe the strategies I’ve employed to avoid cleaning the thing!

When I was a single, apartment dwelling cat owner, I put two litter boxes on my patio.  I installed a pet door insert in the sliding glass door.

You would be amazed at how long you can go without changing the litter box when you stick it outside.

Two of them meant I could go TWICE as long.

During this same period, my husband (whom I had not met yet) was trying to teach HIS cat to use the toilet.

Our marriage can be seen as one long battle to see who could avoid changing the cat litter box.

So far, I’m winning. [Read more…]

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My Kids Make Me Laugh – Santa Claus

My Kids Make Me Laugh ChristmasMy kids make me laugh almost daily, including their pre-Christmas antics.

Watty is in third grade.  GoGo is a first grader.   The existence of Santa Claus is up for grabs.

And honestly, I’m ok with that.  I didn’t grow up with Santa being a big part of our Christmas tradition and I’m not certain I ever actually believed in him being an actual person with a sleigh.  (even as a little girl i was apparently quite cynical.)

What I’m not OK with is one sibling teasing the other about babyish beliefs.  I want both my kids to have the chance to figure the whole Santa thing out for themselves.  So I’ve been careful the past few years – separate paper for the Santa gifts, unique Santa handwriting, powdered sugar footprints… the works.   (it’s a long list that’s worthy of it’s own post.)

It started over a year ago. [Read more…]

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And now for something completely different

monday musings - different… And now for something completely different.

(if you don’t recognize that line, it’s from monty python.  they used it when they wanted to transition between skits and there was no possible way to transition logically.)

Since my post on depression was a wee bit of a downer, I thought I’d share something happier.

(because i’m the mom and i can do that.)

Ten Blog Stories That Will Make You Laugh [Read more…]

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Thankful Thoughts – Headphones

Thankful Thoughts ChristmasWhen I started sharing my Thankful Thoughts each week, I wasn’t sure where it would end up going.  I just knew that it was important.

I had no idea if it would end up being something deep and spiritual or simply profound.

I didn’t plan on being thankful for headphones.

But I am.

At this very moment, I am profoundly thankful for them. [Read more…]

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