Christmas will come

I want you to think of “Christmas will come” as a message of hope  and not a reason to panic.

If you’re stressed, panicked, worn out, or strung out then this message is for you.

There are only a few days until Christmas.  It’s a stressful time for moms because at some point we realize that it’s just not all going to happen.

Some major something on our lists just won’t get done.  We’ve run out of time, energy, money, patience, or something.

Somehow, Christmas just isn’t shaping up to be what we hoped and dreamed it could be for our family.

Dear sweet mom, I want you to know – Christmas will come.

It will happen.  You can’t stop it.  There just isn’t more time or energy or money or patience or whatever is you think you need.  The kids are out of school and quite frankly, time’s up.  Christmas is here.

And it’s ok.

It’s going to be just fine.


christmas will come

Want to see what my house looked like this time last year?

My Christmas decorations

This is what we did to decorate the home last year.


What about this one?  It’s the playroom.

My Home, Last Christmas

OK, Just one more. This is what I remember when I think about last Christmas.

This is how I remember last Christmas

To be honest, it hurts to look at. I feel like someone has punched me in the gut.I

In December 2011, I felt like I’d failed as a wife and a mother because I was completely unable to give my family a “normal” Christmas.

There was no stove or oven to create a Christmas feast with.  There was nowhere to hang the stockings.  We were camped in a hotel room and the kids weren’t even certain Santa would be able to find them without a chimney.

I got through each day by repeating a simple mantra.  “My kids will have the Christmas I choose for them to have.”

I knew if I focused on my own unhappiness how much things seemed to suck, then my kids would have a horrible Christmas.  I just had to have faith that the opposite was true.  I had to believe that if I focused on the deeper meaning of Christmas and did my best to make things right, my kids would be ok.

So we went to the dollar store and bought decorations.  I let my kids pick them out.

I think the tree has three different strands of lights because the kids could not agree on what kind they wanted. Every ornament is gold-ish and sparkles. It was horrible. But my kids loved it.

I bought a gingerbread house kit and let the kids make a horrible mess. Santa later destroyed the house, but my kids thought that was part of the fun.

Gifts?  Ha.

We were crammed in hotel room.  Everything we owned was in storage or needed to fit in the car all at once.  Our remodel was over budget and big gifts just weren’t in the plans.  Go back and look at our tree.  That was Christmas morning – notice the distinct shortage of gifts?

My kids were happy with a package of pencils and some erasers.  They understood.

Santa gave them each one gift as well – something small and portable.

(yes, that’s a closeup of the hotel carpet.  i think i may still have nightmares about that nasty carpet.  it is truly ugly!)

When I asked my kids about last Christmas (and showed them the photos) they didn’t remember the shortage of gifts. They didn’t remember the lack of decorations or the horrible carpet.  They didn’t remember the feeling of homelessness that pierced my heart. They didn’t remember that I hadn’t baked cookies or made Christmas dinner.

They remember an adventure.

They remember being allowed to run amuck at the dollar store.

They remember happiness and love.

I’m humbled.

Sweet friend, Christmas will come.

No matter how big the mess feels today, there’s still time for Christmas to come.

It starts as a tiny seed of hope in your heart.  Feed it and nurture it and feel it grow.

Believe in the truth. Your family CAN have the Christmas you choose for them to have.

Turn your back on the things you can’t make happen.  Embrace the things that are possible.

Ultimately, Christmas isn’t about winning some mythical Pinterest contest for best decorations.  It isn’t about out-doing Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker or Suzy Homemaker in the kitchen.  It isn’t about proving how big your credit limit is.  It isn’t about making your child’s every wish and dream come true.

Christmas is love.

Love will come.

Christmas will come with love

From my heart to yours.



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  1. What a wonderful reminder of what really matters to our kids. Thank you!

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