Christmas Stockings – My crazy little twist

I know, most families do Christmas stockings.

But I’ll bet my family does them differently than yours.  I’ve never met ANYONE who does what we do.

My kids have never questioned if the stuff in their stockings comes from Santa or from me.  Since I fill all four stockings, I think they’ve always assumed that the contents are an express delivery from the North Pole.

Don’t disillusion them, please?

clutter free stocking ideas

My Christmas Stockings stock-up list:

  • batteries
  • cheap screwdriver (or one from the garage that I clean)
  • flashlights
  • an orange
  • small applesauce with a spoon (for Mr Picky – he won’t eat fresh fruit)
  • muffins
  • beef jerky
  • small packages of kid friendly cereal (not the normal “healthy stuff” I buy)
  • shelf stable chocolate milk in the single serve containers
  • fancy coffee in a sample pack
  • picnic sized containers of peanut butter with a spoon and an apple
  • granola bars or a designer granola cereal
  • juice box (an unheard of luxury in our home)
  • pop tarts (a banned substance most of the year)
  • tin of smoked oysters for hubby
  • small amount of fancy dark chocolate for me
  • whole nuts and a nutcracker

OK, stop laughing.

Yes.  I stuff our stockings with breakfast.

clutter free stocking stuffers from your pantry (that your family actually wants)

It started when Watty was a toddler.

That was the year I was so busy enjoying his Christmas morning joy that I forgot to make breakfast or coffee.

By 10am, he was cranky.  I had a coffee headache.  It wasn’t pretty.

I wrote myself a note and put it in the Christmas stocking for the following year.

Remember to put some breakfast food in the stockings!

By the following December, I had completely forgotten the whole thing until I found the note.  By that point I’d already bought some of the usual stocking stuffer items.  So I added in a few pieces of fruit and some granola bars.

The batteries got added one year by accident.

I had my hands full as I was carrying one too many things.  So I dropped the batteries into a stocking and had one less thing to carry.

There was every intention of putting the batteries in the toys BEFORE I wrapped them.  But, I got distracted.  Then I couldn’t figure out where the batteries had gone, and I completely forgot about my intentions.

The next morning, we found the batteries just when we needed them most.

Now it’s a tradition.

I love a good breakfast casserole.  I love pancakes and bacon.  I’d welcome either one on Christmas morning.

But I don’t want to be in the kitchen actually cooking them.  I’d rather play with my kids’ toys.  (Besides, I’m not a morning person, remember?) So this works for us.

The kids drag us out of bed at the crack of dawn to see what Santa delivered.  After they’ve plowed through the big gifts, they head straight for their stockings.

Things slow down when they find the muffins (yes, those go on top).  It gives us time to make a cup of coffee (also on the top) and catch our breath.

As they’re munching a muffin, the boys generally look around and actually THINK about what they’ve been given.  Normally, that’s about the time they remember they have gifts to give as well as receive.

I love that.

What goes in your stockings?  Do you fill them for everyone or just the kids?


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  1. I fill them for everyone! It’s just my daughter and me, but on Christmas morning we always have my mom and sometimes my aunt with us. I remember the delight from both of them the first year they were with us and they got Santa Sacks. (I didn’t have extra stockings, so I used Christmas fabric and tied a pretty bow to close them.)

    I always put in a couple of fun small things, like lip gloss & notepads, along with a piece of fruit and candy.

    My daughter loves that Santa can find Grandma and Great Aunt, even when they aren’t at their homes.

    • I have some “generic” stockings from the dollar store that don’t have names on them. Whoever is with us Christmas morning gets a stocking. My kids have never questioned it, and it would feel weird not to include guests in our tradition. I love the idea of “sacks!”

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea rather than all the plastic nonsense usually reserved for stockings!!
    Roshni recently posted..Last, but not least!! Third giveaway with Yours, Mine and Hers!!!My Profile

    • I confess – I’ve recycled the plastic nonsense for more than one year! When the kids go back to school and I pack up the Christmas stuff, I gather all the little plastic garbage toys and tuck them in their stockings. I think Santa has given the boys the exact same cars four years in a row. 🙂

  3. {Kathy} I think this is a fabulous idea. Everyone is hungry, yet no one wants to stop and eat. Odd things is stockings are the best….it keeps everyone guessing.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..identity crisisMy Profile

  4. oh great ideas…I love pier one for cheap stocking stuffers, like pan scrapers, bag clips, coasters for cars, and chapstick,
    karen recently posted..Secret Subject Swap – Santa ClausMy Profile

    • I used to be a big Pier One fan. I probably would be still, but there isn’t one nearby. But they do have some cute stocking stuffer kind of gifts.

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