The Year Amazon Saved Christmas

It should be no secret that I love Amazon.

I’ve shared how I love their Prime program for the free shipping and video streaming.

I have a devotion to my Kindle that is embarrassing.

But I haven’t shared year that they saved Christmas for me.

(yes, i use them for a ton of my Christmas shopping every year. but this was different.)

When the boys were both in pre-school, there was the “sick year.”

The Monday after Thanksgiving, Watty got the flu.

It was two full weeks of him laying on the couch, motionless.

the year Amazon saved ChristmasMy active, talkative child was content to lay there, even without the television. I heard “mommy, my fingernails hurt.” There were two separate times when we seriously debated ER because the fever was so high.

The day Watty went back to school, they called to tell me that his brother was running a fever.

It was mid-December.

I hadn’t decorated.

I hadn’t shopped.

And in-between fever naps, GoGo talked endlessly of Santa.

Yes. More flu.

If you’re keeping score, my holiday plans had been dependent on getting everything done while my two small kids were at pre-school.

Instead, I had at least one sick child home from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

I managed to drag the pre-lit Christmas tree out of storage.

I plugged it in and then I grabbed the unbreakable ornaments.

Watty decorated the tree almost entirely by himself that year. It was covered as high as a four year old could reach, and only on one side.

His brother lay on the couch.  Poor baby insisted on using me as a pillow.

I hung the stockings.   I laid the stockings down on the fireplace hearth.

I opened the curtains so the lights from my tree were visible from the street.  That’s all the holiday cheer I managed to show for the year.

And then (as the fever took me) I logged into Amazon.

Literally everything my kids got that year was delivered to our front door in brown boxes with a smiling face on the side.

The same for all the adult gifts.

Most of them were delivered already wrapped.

The others were tossed into gift bags that I ordered from Amazon.

While I was at it, I ordered cold medicine, vitamins, and chocolate for me.

I even ordered all the objects I use for stuffing stockings.

How much of your Christmas shopping do you do online?  


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  1. I did about half my shopping on-line this year. I wanted to do more but I happened to be out so I picked some things up while I was out.

    I love Amazon, too. And my Kindle. Have you ever seen this blog:
    He shares free and low cost deals every day. I LOVE it!!!
    Patty recently posted..What’s For Dinner?My Profile

    • I normally do about half and half. It’s just easier to buy some of the little stuff in person.

      Hadn’t seen the blog before… thanks for the suggestion!

  2. oh no…so sad that all happened, but glad it all worked out. I do a fair amount on line and some small things in stores.
    karen recently posted..Secret Santa for BloggersMy Profile

  3. I pretty much do all my shopping on Amazon!
    Penelope recently posted..Gift Idea For Men: SentrySafe Home Safe {Give Away}My Profile

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