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Thankful Thoughts ChristmasIt’s Sunday evening and I’m just now able to put my thankful thoughts in writing.

They’ve been there most of the day, but it’s been a whirlwind weekend filled with family, pre-holiday drama, friends, church… the typical insanity.

Today, I’m thankful for homework.

It’s not even the normal daily homework that our third grader brings home.  It’s a special project, and I’m thankful for it.

He gets to be “Texan of the Week” this week, and that means he had a special project.

Like most special projects, it involves ME having more homework than my son.  I have photos to find, print, and attach to a giant poster board shaped like our home state.  I have small objects to gather and send in that will fill out the bulletin board featuring my son.  And I have a “surprise letter” to write and send in.

The surprise letter will be read to him, in front of his entire class.   It’s supposed to be all about how wonderful and special he is.  We’re encouraged to make the letter creative by including a story or poem.

(yeah, like i need any encouragement to write stories about my kids.  i just need to write one that makes watty feel like a super hero and look uber cool to his friends.)

In total, I’m guessing my portion of the project took four hours.

Watty’s part of the homework?

A nineteen question survey that took him five minutes to fill out.

I could spend time griping about the project.  (actually, i did.  back in august when it was announced.)

I could put energy into questioning why my work is earning my son a GRADE in his class?  (oops, did that too.)

I could try hard to put the project off, ignore it, or otherwise avoid doing homework on the weekend.  (uhh… did that.  just like when i was in school.)

But now that it’s done, I’m thankful for the assignment.

Why am I thankful?

Because it gave my husband and I a view into our son’s head that we would have missed otherwise.

Don’t believe me?

1.  After school I like to look for lizards.

seriously?  hubby had no idea our son was into lizards.  he certainly didn’t know that watty is the champion lizard catcher for his school right now.   

i have no idea if lizard catching is a skill that belongs on his college application.

2.  On weekends, I like to HUNT.

the past few weekends, he’s been content to sit in the deer stand with his daddy.  hubby and i were both pleased to know how much the time means to watty.

3.  I like to collect nothing.

personally, i disagree.  my child seems to enjoy collecting dirty socks under his bed.  he appears to like collecting small rocks in his pockets.  but i understand what he means.  i love that he has the courage to answer the question honestly and not make up something.

4.  I like to learn about science.

this boy has been dragging home volumes of the encyclopedia from school since kindergarten.  no big shocker there.  he also requested that his bedroom be made to look like a science lab.  sigh.

5.  I like to read about space.

news to me.  the space books are piled under all the dragon books he’s been reading lately.  but he has at least read a space book before.

6.  I like to write about dragons.

true, assuming the word “write” includes drawing lots of dragons and putting cartoon bubbles above their heads.

7. My favorite book is the Bible.

before you write my child off as a hopeless little suck-up (he does go to a Christian school), let me explain.  he asked me what his favorite book was.  before i could stop myself, i gave him the smarty-pants reply.  “the right answer is the Bible.”  so this one is my fault.

8  My favorite Bible verse is John 3:16.

i’ll give him bonus points here for knowing the “right answer.”  but i would like to point out that watty failed to be able to recite the verse when i questioned him about it.

9.  My favorite sport is soccer.

since “lizard catching” isn’t a sport, i guess i can live with soccer.  but y’all know how i feel about the sport.

10.  My favorite toy is LEGOS

y’all, it’s so cute.  i had to look really hard, but at the end of the word “Legos” my son has written a tiny R in a circle.  he put the registered trade mark symbol at the end of the word.  giggle.

11.  My favorite movie is Rise of the Guardians

he spelled it correctly because he was made to get the dictionary out.  we saw the movie last weekend and it was wonderful.  watty is now reading the books and they are wonderful too.

12.  My favorite game is a pokemon game (it never had a name)

it’s the first video game he ever defeated without help or cheat codes, and he did it before anyone else in the class did.  but i had no idea he still liked pokemon.

13.  I like to make several things.

obviously, my son has my sense of humor.  it’s a tiny blank, and there just wasn’t room to list all the stuff watty likes to make.  i can’t scold him, because i’d probably have put something equally “wrong” in the blank as well.

14.  My pet is a cat.  Its name is Ms Fluffy

the cat’s real name is not ms fluffy.  but since the rest of my family has blog names, i didn’t want the cat to feel left out.  i would like to point out that my son grossly misspelled the cat’s actual name.  

15.  My favorite person to play with is my brother.  With this friend I like to play LEGOS.

cuteness! and then he put the little R circle at then end again.  it blesses me to know my boys are close and actually think of each other as friends.  

16.  With my other friends, I like to play soccer.

again with the soccer.  pbbbbttt!

17.  My favorite fun place is my swimming pool.

this earned watty and his brother extra time in the pool today.  it as almost 80 degrees outside, so why not?  

18.  When I grow up, I want to be a ?

at his kindergarten graduation, he broke my heart.  he said he wanted to be a disciple when he grew up… or maybe a fireman.  i can live with a question mark.

19.  If I could have three wishes, I would wish for:

  1. My first shot at a deer
  2. Two cats
  3. A Dog

my husband and i had no idea the child was that serious into hunting.  and we had no earthly idea the boy wants a dog.  we were both in shock.

And it hit me… my baby grew up. His list is full of science and sports and hunting.  The only toy on the entire page is Legos.  He only plays Legos with his younger brother.

I can remember when the list would have been filled with Thomas the Train, playtime with mommy, blocks, trucks, and plastic.

I need to go finish writing his “surprise letter.”  I’m filling it with science and space and soccer and hunting stuff.

But I’m not buying the dog.

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I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
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