And now for something completely different

monday musings - different… And now for something completely different.

(if you don’t recognize that line, it’s from monty python.  they used it when they wanted to transition between skits and there was no possible way to transition logically.)

Since my post on depression was a wee bit of a downer, I thought I’d share something happier.

(because i’m the mom and i can do that.)

Ten Blog Stories That Will Make You Laugh

These are in my draft pile, but I can at least share the titles.

  1. Sometimes, the cat just needs to answer back.  I’ve shared the quote before, but you really do need to hear the whole story behind it.
  2. How I avoided changing the litter box for over two years and why the phrase “I might be pregnant” is still funny in my house.
  3. Potty training humor – why “find the poo” will never catch on as a party game.
  4. Engineering Disease in Action – did you know your dishwasher came with a manual?  Apparently they now even come with You Tube videos explaining the correct way to load the dishes in the dishwasher.
  5. Christmas will happen anyway.  Even if everything goes wrong.
  6. A list of items you should NEVER give as teacher gifts.
  7. Holiday Toilet Paper
  8. Children’s Christmas Pageant horror stories – my own.  Watty’s back and you won’t believe what he did.  Or what GoGo did with the tiger tail.
  9. Remodel mania – plumbing gone wrong and why you really really need a door for your bathroom.
  10. Why I’m not allowed to own a glue gun any longer.
  11. The bone story – my children are collecting animal bones and it’s all my mom’s fault!

Let me know which one you want first – I’m open to suggestions.

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Susan Baker

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  1. I’m don’t think I can pick just one. All those made me laugh even without the content. I went back through the list but I just can’t choose. But you can’t leave us hanging so you better get writing!
    Patty recently posted..What’s For Dinner?My Profile

  2. Can’t wait! Just post them from #1 to #10!!
    Roshni recently posted..Celebrating with friends!My Profile

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