My Kids Make Me Laugh – Body Parts

My Kids Make Me LaughI treasure laughing with my kids. I love the times we spend together when I let go of the to-do list and let THEM drive the conversation. Learning how to actually enjoy my kids was a big clue in figuring out my formula for motherhood.

It never goes like I expect, and I’m (almost) always thankful. It’s part of what makes me a Happy Mom. It’s part of discovering the joy of everyday motherhood.

For a start-of-school treat, I took the kids out for breakfast and we had a charming conversation.

(Well, not really charming, but it was typical mother/son interaction that “looked charming” from the outside.)

It started innocently when my older son asked a question:

Watty: You know the little thing at the back of your mouth?
Me: Yes…

(Oh no, is he sick? Does he have a sore throat?)

Watty: The thing that hangs way down.
Me: That’s called the uvula. Here, look…

My Kids Make Me Laugh - Body Parts

Ignore the typing in the photo; I was using the placemat with entertaining kid activities. I labeled the drawing with anatomical names like “T for tonsil, U for uvula”. The thing at the top is the nose, and yes, that’s supposed to be a tongue.)

So I grabbed a crayon and the placemat and drew some basic anatomy.

Watty: What goes up from there?
Me: What?

(Where is this going?)

Watty: Not down to our tummy, up.
Me: Your nose and sinus cavity.
Watty: Why?

(What? Who cares? Who asks this stuff? What kind of question is this?)
So I pulled out the teacher voice and warmed up for a lecture.

Me: I don’t know, that’s how God created us. You breathe in your nose and the air goes down the same pipe as your food. When it gets past the neck, it splits between your lungs and your tummy. Isn’t the body cool?

(Oooh, that was good. I like how I even pulled God into the discussion.)

GoGo: So you shouldn’t drink and breathe at the same time?
Watty: You can’t! Have you even tried?

GoGo tries to drink and breathe at the same time. The predictable milk fountain thing happens.

Watty: Ha! (Giggling hysterically) I just wanted to see you spit.

Both kids froze and there was that momentary “Am I in big trouble?” look on their faces and then burst into laughter.

When I stopped giggling, I sent GoGo to the bathroom to clean up. I had my older son clean up the milk mess.

I love how my kids make me laugh.

Laughing with my kids draws us closer as a family. It brings me joy as a mom. It helps me to see my kids as the treasures that they are. It helps me to see their character and their wit with a fresh eye.

(This was the first time I actually recognized that Watty is a bit of a prankster.)

Have your kids made you giggle lately? If not, I dare you to listen outside the playroom door until you smile. If they have, I’d love to know what happened.

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  1. Very funny! Monday I had to take my middle one to have a cavity filled. She was throwing a fit, so they gave her some laughing gas. Funniest thing I have ever seen – like seeing your kids drunk except it’s legal! My youngest, a dainty little princess, has also taken to belching – LOUDLY! She thinks it is hilarious and it is all I can do to keep a straight face! 🙂

    • I can’t imagine my kids on laughing gas. I think it would require a video camera to capture them. Just the idea of it makes me giggle. I hope the appointment went well and that she’s recovered from the event. Dental chairs can be kind of scary.

      I’ve seen the dainty princess burp at our church. It IS funny, but I always try not to laugh where she can see me. I know the little princess will quit when people quit reacting with shocked giggles. My boys love to belch inappropriately. I just tell them it’s nasty.

  2. So cute!! So nice that they do want to learn new things like this as well!
    Roshni recently posted..When Your Daughter is a BruiserMy Profile

    • They are always curious about stuff, but it’s not what I expect (or sometimes want) them to be interested in. I took them to the zoo once, and the highlight of their day was scooping up goat poop in the petting zoo area.

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