Look what I wrote

look what i wroteLook what I wrote!  (It’s over at Mothering from Scratch and I’m really excited that they asked me to guest post.)

Now that I think I may survive Thanksgiving, I’m ready to embrace Christmas head on.  Sharing one of our favorite family traditions seemed like the perfect way to kick off the season, so that’s exactly what I did at Mothering From Scratch.

(seriously, it’s their SITS day today.  Go tell Mothering From Scratch how amazing they are.)

Survived Thanksgiving?

You may have noticed a distinct lack of blogging over the past few days and a complete and total absence from social media.

I promise to tell you all about it when I have the strength to write.  For now, I’m recovering.

My laundry room may take slightly longer to recover than I do.   Vacation and tummy bug don’t even begin to describe the mess.

But I wanted you to know that while I was laying on the cool porcelain tile yesterday I was thinking about my blog and wondering just how I could tastefully share my tale of woe.

(yes, i spent part of the day laying on the bathroom floor.  that would be why i didn’t even post that i was guest posting yesterday.  it was THAT BAD.  and i had a sick kiddo with me the whole time.  it was almost as bad as the monday after thanksgiving LAST year.)

Trust me, it’s blog worthy.  The favorite quotes of the week include

Sometimes, the cat just needs to answer.

 (what? you don’t talk to your cat?)

Honey, why is there a chair in the bathroom?

(because the bed wouldn’t fit?)

I told you that water wasn’t potable.

(worst possible phrase ever!)

shhh… she said she was super cereal this time.

(um, i think the word is “serious”)

Hey, I’m at the truck stop and they have wifi.  Can you start Thanksgiving Dinner without me?

(no.  just… no.)

and my all time favorite

Mommy, I’m dying.

(he wasn’t.  he’s at school today and back on solid foods.)

So while I’m gathering strength to face the laundry, go poke around at Mothering from Scratch.  I love their blog.

I’m super cereal this time.

Go look what I wrote!

How was your Thanksgiving? Any memorable quotes from the week?


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  1. Oh my, I’m glad you are all feeling better!
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