Happy Thanksgiving to You

thanksgivingIn honor of Thanksgiving day, I’m taking a few days off from blogging.  I plan to be back on Monday, but I may have something to say before then.

I’m imagining you are doing the same.

For those who have a few minutes to spare and need a quick break from the holiday mania, I’m providing a quick round up of my Thanksgiving themed posts.

If you want to laugh…

I declared open season on turkeys by sharing the story about when my boys hit each other with the (stuffed) turkey. (no wait, it’s not like that.  honest.)  

I shared my grandmother’s deep dark secret for the perfect pie crust.  (hint, buy it and put it in your own pan)

You’ve heard my own quirky method for thawing the turkey in record time.

And I’ve shared my great turkey hunting tradition for the kids.

There was the three part story of the turkey disaster.  It started with me being crowned turkey queen, progressed to the kitty litter encrusted crisco, and finished with some very confused romantic tom cats.

And of course, I shared my recommendation for a toddler friendly thanksgiving dinner.

If you want to be thankful…

My favorite thankful thoughts of all time is probably the day I was thankful for a bunch of little things, including the zit on my nose.

Or maybe the day I started by not being thankful at all.

And if you need joy…

I remember the single years.  Holidays can stink.

Go put on some great music and dance until you find joy.  I promise it will help.



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Susan Baker

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed the turkey and the family time. <3
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