Toddler Thanksgiving Dinner

As you are finalizing your menu for Thanksgiving Dinner, don’t forget the little people in your life!

You may be planning on a fancy meal that involves green vegetables, exotic ingredients in the dressing, and a from scratch cranberry sauce.

Your kids have other plans.

toddler thanksgiving

I bring you the Toddler Thanksgiving Dinner menu.

  • “Turkey” Nuggets
  • Ranch Dressing (at least one cup)
  • Steamed Baby Carrots (used as a ranch dressing delivery mechanism)
  • Rolls (the inside part only)
  • Half a stick of Butter
  • One olive for each finger (not for eating, just for use as finger puppets)
  • Fruit Salad with icky parts picked out
  • Sweet potato casserole (marshmallows only)
  • Dessert
  • Coffee milk

Some portion of this menu is guaranteed to be a hit with the toddler in your life. There is at least one item on the list that they will reject.

There is also something on this list that will make your grandmother give you a disapproving look.

As a backup, I would suggest a can of the nasty pre-cooked microwavable macaroni and cheese. Or extra ranch dressing and butter.

Want more Thanksgiving fun?  I’ve rounded up my favorite Thanksgiving posts on a page cleverly titled THANKSGIVING.

what your toddler wants for thanksgiving

The history behind my menu

We have a photo of my nephew with one stick of real butter in each hand, eating them like popsicles.

My own son was allowed to eat ranch dressing out of a bowl with a spoon. (In my defense, it was from scratch made organic ranch dressing.)

The other son is a serious olive abuser. (My husband encourages this behavior.  It’s some sort of tradition from HIS family. I don’t understand it, but I make sure there are several cans of jumbo black olives on “hand” for any family event.)

At our family table, I’ve watched in fascination as a group of toddlers embraced all the condiments (ranch dressing, butter, apple butter, olives, pickles, etc) and rejected all the rest of the food.

I’ve giggled in the kitchen as the turkey was covertly cut into cubes and served as nuggets.

It’s only one meal of the year. If your toddler wants to be thankful for ranch dressing and butter will it really hurt?



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  1. {Melinda} Butter like popcicles! I believe it. I have a picture of my daughter when she was little sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, covering in butter and putting scoops of it in her mouth. Paula Deen ain’t got nothin’ on her! 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..guess who? consistency in motheringMy Profile

  2. Too funny! You never know what kids will do at Thanksgiving!

    But as far as our menu, there are always a few things the “kids” like because…this is embarrassing…but I eat like a kid. I don’t like my food touching each other. I hate sauce. I’m pretty much a plain Jane eater. Give me turkey, mashed potatoes (no gravy), a roll with butter, some macaroni & cheese (homemade) and a piece of ham and I’m good.
    Patty recently posted..Bacon-Wrapped Chicken TendersMy Profile

  3. What a neat idea…. children friendly Thanksgiving Menu! Very cool! … and even cooler if you link it up on our Coffee Friday Party… I see you mentioned the magic word 😉
    Paloma recently posted..Between a bucket and paper towelMy Profile

    • Paloma, I would love to have linked up. I’m on vacation this week and don’t have internet, so it’s not a good week to play linkup.:( (coming to you live from McDonald’s hotspot. oh, the glamorous life I live.)

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