My Kids Make Me Laugh – High Fives

My kids make me laugh almost every day.

They’ve been doing it for years, and I wish I’d done a better job of writing down their stories as I went.  I didn’t, but there are still some great stories I can remember.

Like when GoGo was four and obsessed with giving everyone “five.”

Laughter is a choice. Even when the kids do something that drives you nuts, sometimes the best response is to just laugh.

It started like normal kids.

Before they were really even talking, we would put a hand out and say

gimme five.

They’d slap their little hand in ours and grin.

At some point when they were learning to count, I started counting their little fingers and counting to five each time.

But then it evolved.

By the time he was three, GoGo had mastered counting to five.

He also started getting creative.

We had high five (where you slap hands) followed by head five (where he butted his head up on my palm) and even bootie five (he tried to slap my rear pockets).

At various times, he giggled and told us he wanted foot five (put his foot into my hand), knee five, elbow five, and invisible five (he stood there and did nothing).

Finally, it got nasty.

By the time he was four, we thought he had explored every kind of “five” that he could invent.

We were wrong.

The before preschool ritual involved standing outside in the driveway and getting several different fives before loading GoGo into the car.

One day, he said

Mommy, let me give you a head five and a nasty five.

I had no idea what a nasty five was, but I was game.

nasty fiveI put my hand up at head height so he could bump my hand with his head.

He did, and then he grabbed my hand and LICKED IT.

GoGo! That was nasty!  Don’t lick!

He just grinned.

I know mommy, that’s why I called it a nasty five.

When we got to school, he proceeded to try and give EVERYONE a nasty five.

For the next week, people would give him the standard little kid greeting.

Gimme five buddy!

He would grin and walk toward them.  About the time he grabbed their hand, he’d say

I give you nasty five.

Word got around, and people learned to quit greeting my son with any sort of “five.”  I also learned to intervene.  When someone greeted my son with a “gimme five” I would quickly say

Do NOT let him give you a nasty five.  It involves licking.

At the time, it was gross.  I was mortified.

But now…

Laughter is a choice. Even when the kids do something that drives you nuts, sometimes the best response is to just laugh. It's the whole reason behind the "my kids make me laugh" initiative.

My kids make make laugh.

I think it’s funny.

I asked GoGo this morning to “gimme nasty five.”  He just looked at me and said

mommy, that’s nasty!

So how have your kids made you laugh today?

my kids make me laugh and that fills me with joy


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  1. That is so funny! My youngest daughter is 5 and she is currently fascinated with belching – loudly. She think it is hilarious and does it at restaurants, in the school cafeteria, and in front of company. I’m sure one day I will find it funny, but right now it just seems rude! 🙂

    • Lisa, mine both are obsessed with all body noises. They love to discuss them loudly. If it continues into 2nd grade or beyond, I highly recommend essay writing. Have her write a paragraph about her belch each time it is done with deliberate inappropriateness. Problem solved.

  2. this is great, your boys crack me up!!!! I love it… and it’s even funnier that he called you nasty this morning LOL
    karen recently posted..Hearty Pea SoupMy Profile

  3. Sarah Park says:

    Hi Susan,

    GoGo is just so funny and very bubbly. He must have been so obsessed with “five”. When he grows up and tell him this story, he will surely laugh his heart out.
    Sarah Park recently posted..10 Safe Online Banking TipsMy Profile

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